Twelfth Night Characters

Fool “Feste” Description: Olivia’s personal fool, silly but smart.~Sings songs a lot.
Maria Description: She is Olivia head maid and friend. ~She pulls a prank on Malvolio and uses her handwriting which looks exactly like Olivia’s to do it.
Viola Description: She is shipwrecked and cross dresses as Cesario and is immediatley taken into Orsino’s confidence. She is in love with Orsino but is tasked with wooing Olivia for Orsino.~She attempts to woo Olivia for Orsino, but Olivia fell in love with Cesario instead.
Malvolio Description: Olivia’s steward he thinks very highly of himself and not of anyone else. ~He is convinced that Olivia is in love with him and acts foolish around her.
Sir Toby Description: He is Olivia’s drunk uncle. ~He takes part in the prank against Malvolio.
Sebastian Description: Viola’s twin brother.~He and Antonio are good friends.
Cesario Description: She works for Orsino and is viola cross dressing as a boy. ~She is sent to woo Olivia but Olivia falls deeply in love with her.
Duke Orsino Description: He is the ruler of Llyria and has affections toward Olivia.~Sends Cesario to proclaim his affections for Olivia
Curio and Valentine Description: Two of Orsino’s attendants, their basic purpose is to wait on Orsino.~They went to woo Olivia but were not successful.
Fabian Description: He is a member of Olivia’s household and he doesn’t really have a big personality. ~Takes part in the prank against Malvolio.
Sir Andrew Description: He is kind of a fool who likes Olivia.~He also takes part in the prank against Malvolio.
Olivia Description: Olivia is Countess of Llyria. Her brother and father died right before the play and she is in mourning.~~She falls in love with Viola who is playing Cesario and gives her a ring.
Antonio Description: Is a sea captain and has done some actions on the sea which makes him wanted by Duke~Saved Sebastian’s life
Captain Description: Is a Captain.~Saves Viola from drowning and helps transform her into a man.

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