Twelfth Night AO5

“mismatch between how they see themselves and…” “how the world perceives them” – francis gilbert
“it is only characters…” “from the upper classes that are allowed to be dignified in his plays” – francis gilbert
who said women could all to easily “be stereotyped as deceivers”? kate tyson
“viola also conforms…” “to the idea that women are born deceivers” – kate tyson
what did tyson say about viola’s deception? it “never fails to harm anyone but herself”
shakespeare aimed to “challenge the idea of…” “purely heterosexual relationships” – kate tyson
who said fools occupy “their own special worlds” mikhail bakhtin
fools “are life’s maskers, their being coincides with…” “their role, outside this role they simply do not exist” – mikhail bakhtin
who said “viola herself doesn’t appear to relish the empowering opportunities of disguise”? dr pamela bickeley
“[shakespeare] appears to take exception to the idea that all women can be…” “described in such a uniform way” – alison ferguson
in the 16th century who objected to “such kissing… such winking and glancing of wanton eyes”? phillip stubbes
what does lydia forbes call olivia? an “unresponsive object”
“when [viola] trusts someone we are…” “persuaded that her faith is justified” – lydia forbes
who said viola’s “major obstacle” is “fear of losing control”? lydia forbes
the veil “also serves, secondarily, as…” “a type of disguise” – douglas h parker
how did kiernan ryan refer to feste? as “a linguistic terrorist, a semantic saboteur”
mikhail bakhtin said fools belong to what? “the borderline between life and art”
“Many modern readers or spectators feel that…” “…the treatment of Malvolio becomes distatefully harsh” – cedric watts
What does cedric watts call Malvolio’s last cry of revenge? “The bitter howl of a broken man”
“Women are to appear and…” “…behave as women once again” – judith buchanon on the play’s ending
What does cedric call Feste’s final song? “Obscure, clumsy, and poignant”
“The play shows that love can be…” “…both a benign and malign madness” – Watts
According to Watts, where does love “resemble lethal lunacy”? When orsino goes on a vengeful spree, or is planning to “sacrafice a lamb that i do love,/ to spite a raven’s heart within a dove”
What does watts call the entire love polygon? “Comical and poignant”
What does cedric say about the love all being set straight, even as results of misunderstanding (seb and olivia) “Here, it is not a case if misrule giving way to traditional order; rather, it seems that the eventual order is founded in delusion and chance”
What does feste say about foolery? It “does walk about the orb like the sun: it shines everywhere”