Twelfth Night Act V

What does Fabian ask Feste to see? The letter from Malvolio
Why does Feste say that he’s better “for my foes and worse for my friends”? He thinks his friends lie to him and always praise him so they are making an ass of him, whereas, his enemies tell him straight up that he’s an ass, so he learns more about himself from his enemies.
What do we learn about Antonio’s skill from what Orsino says about him? Even the people that should have hated Antonio the most could not help but appreciate his skills. He was that good!
What does Antonio say drew him to Illyria? “A witchcraft”…by that he means love. He came to be with Sebastian.
What happens when Antonio tells the Duke that he saved “Cesario’s” life? He tells him that is impossible because Cesario’s been with the Duke for the last 3 months.
When the Duke hears that Antonio just arrived in Illyria today, he should be able to figure out there’s an issue, but he doesn’t take the time to do that because why? Olivia shows up and he is too distracted by her presence.
What is unusual about Olivia’s behavior when she is talking to the Duke and Cesario? She keeps hushing the Duke and speaking to Cesario/Viola…a servant.
How does the Duke react when it becomes obvious that Olivia isn’t interested in him, and seems more focused on Cesario? He threatens that he might, if he had the heart, kill her (like the Egyptian thief) so that if he can’t have her…no one can.
Why does the Duke say he’s taking Cesario with him when he leaves? He knows Olivia likes him, and he favors Cesario, so he is going to take him so that she can’t have him…just to spite her.
What’s Cesario/Viola’s reaction to leaving Olivia? He (she) is very willing to go with the Duke since she says she loves him more than her sight, more than her life and more than she would ever love a wife.
Why does Olivia think that Cesario is won’t admit that he is her husband? She thinks Cesario is afraid of the Duke.
What is the Duke’s reaction to finding out that “Cesario” married Olivia? He can’t imagine how evil Cesario will be if he’s this evil as a young man. He tells Cesario that he can have Olivia, but to make sure they never cross paths again.
What does Sir Andrew tell us about what happened to him and to Sir Toby? They were beat up by “Cesario”…Toby has a bloody head.
When Toby calls for the surgeon, and the clown responds…what does Toby think? Toby thinks the surgeon is drunk.
What is ironic about Toby saying “I hate a drunken rogue”? He is one.
What happens to the friendship between Andrew and Toby? Toby says that Andrew is useless as a friend and calls him names…so it’s clearly over.
When Sebastian arrives, what does he apologize to Olivia for? He apologizes for beating up her uncle.
What does the Duke confirm for Olivia (about her marriage to Sebastian)? Sebastian is of noble blood and a good man.
What things do Viola and Sebastian say about their father when they are reunited? (4 things) Their father’s name was Sebastian, he was from Messaline, he had a mole upon his brow, he died when Viola turned 13,
What does the Duke decide about Cesario (in the end)? He fires her and tells her he wants to marry her.
Who is the first to confess about the trick on Malvolio? Fabian
What do we learn about Sir Toby and Maria? They got married.
What is Malvolio’s reaction to finding out he was tricked? He vows revenge.
What does Olivia ask of Duke Orsino (in the end)? She hopes he can love her like a sister instead of a wife.
What does the letter from Malvolio say? He can’t understand why Olivia would make him do all the things she told him to do in the letter.
Who said:”Will you help? an ass-head and a coxcomb and a knave, a thin-faced knave, a gull!”? Sir Toby
Who said:”So comes it, lady, you have been mistook:But nature to her bias drew in that.You would have been contracted to a maid;Nor are you therein, by my life, deceived,You are betroth’d both to a maid and man.”? Sebastian
Who said:”Be not amazed; right noble is his blood.If this be so, as yet the glass seems true,I shall have share in this most happy wreck.”? Duke Orsino
Who said:”Good madam, hear me speak,And let no quarrel nor no brawl to comeTaint the condition of this present hour, Which I have wonder’d at. In hope it shall not,Most freely I confess, myself and Toby Set this device against Malvolio here,…”? Fabian
Who said:”I am sorry, madam, I have hurt your kinsman;But, had it been the brother of my blood,I must have done no less with wit and safety.”? Sebastian
Who said:”If nothing lets to make us happy bothBut this my masculine usurp’d attire,Do not embrace me till each circumstance Of place, time, fortune, do cohere ….”? Viola
Who said:”Do I stand there? I never had a brother;nor can there be that deity in my nature,Of here and every where. I had a sister,Whom the blind waves and surges have devour’d.Of charity, what kin are you to me?What countryman? what name? what parentage?” Sebastian
Who said:”That face of his I do remember well;Yet, when I saw it last, it was besmear’dAs black as Vulcan in the smoke of war:”? Duke Orsino
Who said:”He did me kindness, sir, drew on my side;but in conclusion put strange speech upon me:I know not what ‘t was distraction”? Viola
Who said:”Here comes the countess: now heaven walks on earth.But for thee, fellow; fellow, thy words are madness:Three months this youth hath tended upon me…”? Duke Orsino