Twelfth Night, Act 5

your enemies can teach more about yourself than your friends can what did the Clown teach Duke Orsino about self knowledge
he thought she was Sebastian why does Antonio accuse Viola of ingratitude
that he was willing to kill Viola to anger Olivia who is actually evil under her beautiful face what does Orsino mean when he says, ” I’ll sacrifice the lamb I do love/to spite a raven’s heart within a dove?”
because she is getting confused between Viola and Sebastian because she thought they were one person why is Olivia confused in Viola’s presence
because he sees two someone exactly who looks like her and doesn’t have a twin brother why is Sebastian confused in Viola’s presence
because she marries Sebastian and Duke marries Viola why does Olivia become the Duke’s sister
he saved Viola’s life what excuse does Antonio make to the Duke
Olivia & Sebastian, Maria & Sir Toby, Viola & Orsino at the end of twelfth night which couples are married or engaged?
because she needs to prove she is a girl and will get married to Orsino why must Viola put on a dress in order to prove that is a woman?