Feste says: _______________________________in order to remind audience everything is not as it appears. ‘Nothing that is so is so.’
FESTE This character is the social commentator, breaks willing suspension of disbelief, playful, fun, mocking… and is often seen as the “mouthpiece” for Shakespeare
Sebastian reinforces his Rank with his line… It is also an allusion to mythology ‘I prithee, foolish Greek, depart from me.’
Sebastian says: ________________________It is an allusion to the epic THE ODYSSEY where this was also consumed,— it makes people happy in induced sleep, causes drinker to forget past ‘Let fancy still my sense in LETHE steep’
This quote is when: Olivia asks Sebastian to marry her ‘Would thou’dst be ruled by me.”Madam, I will.”O say so, and so be’
This is a quote that is from the most ironic scene because of the play on disguise.Costumes change identity even though Malvolio cant see. ‘I prithee put on this gown and this beard.’ (Maria to Feste)
Feste says: ______________________ which means he is not the first “fool” to put on that costume.This is social commentary (and subtle allusion) on the church and corruption of the Catholic church. ‘I would I were the first that ever dissembled in such a gown’
Feste says this (which is jibberish) ‘bonos dies’ to give fake knowledge, linguistically incorrect
Feste labels Malvolio this: ‘Malvolio the lunatic’
Malvolio highlights his cruelty, cruel sensory deprivation, taken away his free will as a prisoner, past the point of humiliation with this line: ‘they have laid me here in hideous darkness’
Feste compares Malvolio to a ___________________ ‘woodcock’ , dim witted bird, near the gin, now in the ginIn act 2, scene 5 Fabian says ”now is the woodcock near the gin’
Malvolio is now talking to Feste as a fool (no longer in costume) and Maria points out the irony that he was wearing a costume/disguise prior to this… ‘Thou mightst done this without thy beard and gown. He sees thee not.’
Sir Topas (named after a jewel) is not saying anything sensible or rational. Shakespeare is satirizing…. The corruption in the church by making this character do this and say these things.
Sebastian and Olivia get married…. at the end of Act 4
At the beginning of this Act, why does Andrew attack Sebastian? Thought he was Cesario who flirted with Olivia.
True of False: When Feste first sees Sebastian, he mistakes him for Cesario. True
True or False: FESTE dresses as priest True
Who says: I’ll charge assault and battery on Cesario for fighting me…” Sir Andrew
What is Sir Topas’s occupation? Priest
How is Malvolio feeling after the priest leaves? Panicked and confused
Why would Sebastian agree to marry Olivia? Love at first sight and she asked so nicely.
Unrequited What kind of love does Antonio have for Sebastian?
Allusion This is a literary device (college prep term) that is a REFERENCE to something or someone that the author is expecting you to know. For example: Even though I try to avoid sugar, cookies are my ACHILLES HEEL.
Sir Topas What is the name of the priest who visits the jailed Malvolio?
Possessed by the Devil Sir Toby, Maria, Feste, and Fabian are pulling ANOTHER trick on Malvolio. Now, they are pretending like he is…
Olivia Who asks Sebastian to marry him/her?