Twelfth Night: Act 3 Scene 4

what does maria try to convince olivia of? that malvolio is possessed (olivia is busy concentrating about cesaario)
what does malvolio begin doing? how does liv respond? he begins quoting from the letter-liv says he is acting crazy>sends toby to watch malvolio -malvolio saw this as a sign of her love
what does the servant do? focuses livs attention back on cesario
what is it that toby, fabian, andrew, and maria are loving ? messing w malvolio-talk about him being possessed-bringing up religion makes malvolio mad
what does liv say as a reason for why she cant love orsino? says how can i give orsino what i have already given you?-cesario says take it back
why are toby and fabian lying to cesario and andrew? trying to get them to duel-toby starts talking trash
what does toby do? he forces cesario and andrew into a battle-both are scared
why does antonio jump in? its unfair-he mistakes cesario for sebastian
what do the officers do? they know antonio-arrest him-antonio asks for his money back from cesario, who says he doesnt know him-antonio is hurt
what does viola focus on after antonio leaves? antonio said sebastian-she looks like her brother, thinks he may be alive
who does toby call a coward? Cesario
what does andrew decide he will do along w toby ? decides to jump cesario(only way he can win)-toby enourages it and everyone decided to jump him