Twelfth Night: Act 3 Scene 1

what is cesario on his way to do? see olivia for orsino
why is it awkward between cesario and olivia -olivia is alone w cesarioolivia is holding her hand (hitting on him)-cesario keeps trying to turn convo back to orsino
what does olivia admit to? sending her the ring so she would come see her
what does cesario say when liv asks what he feels for her? cesario says he pitys her-liv says this is a degree of love -cesario says you pity your enemies
what 2 things does viola say which hint at who she really is? -i am not what i am-no other woman will ever have my heart
why does cesario feel bad for liv? she is not a boy-liv is in love w a girl
what does liv say at the end which shows how desperate she is? says cesario should come back to try to sway her about orsino