Twelfth Night

viola (Cesario) protagonist. when she thinks Sebastian is dead, she decides to disguise her man and become a page to Duke Orsino. She falls in love with Orsino and Olivia falls in love with her. Sir Andrew is jealous of her because he thinks Olivia loves Viola instead of him. later he calls upon a duel against Viola. ends up marrying Orsino
Orsino powerful nobleman in the Illyria. madly in love with Olivia but Viola is in love with him. he ends up marrying viola
Olivia wealthy beautiful noble illyrian lady. her brother recently died and she does not want to marry for seven years. Annoyed with Orsino because even though she has told him a million times that she does not and will not love him, he continues to send her letters of his affection. Olivia falls in love with Viola but of course marries Sebastian. malvolia and andrew also desire her
Sebastian viola’s twin brother who is also shipwrecked. he is picked up by antonio. marries olivia
malvolio steward/head servant in olivia’s household. self-righteous and boring. becomes the object of toby, andrew, and maria’s trickery. foolishly tries to express his love for Olivia.
feste the fool who goes back and forth between the households of Orsino and Olivia. Very witty and possibly the wisest character.
Sir Toby Olivia’s uncle. Drunkard. He uses Sir Andrew for money as he tries to convince him that Olivia loves him. Participates in tricking Malvolio. marries Maria
Maria Olivia’s clever, daring young waiting gentlewoman. remarkably similar to her antagonist, Malvolio. forges the letter to Malvolio. marries Toby
Sir Andrew idiot. tries to court Olivia but stands no chance
Antonio suspiciously fond of Sebastian. gets angry when Cesario, whom he thinks is Sebastian, denies their acquaintance.