Twelfth Night

During what time period did Shakespeare write? What is this era called? He wrote in 1592 during the English renaissance and It was called the Elizabethan era.
What was Shakespeare’s acting company called? What was his role in the company? It was called the Lord Chamberlain’s men. He was the main actor dramatist and shareholder
Describe the globe theater It was roughly circular, three story, open air Theatre, and had a pit. It was important because the structure made it easy to see in the acoustics were good
In what form are most of Shakespeare’s plays written? Early modern English
What is a pun? Give an example Upon is a type of word play. An example was when Cesario asked the fool if he lived by the church
What conventions of humor did Shakespeare employee give an example from 12th night Shakespeare loved word play. And example is when Feste asked Olivia why she was morning for her brother
What does the title 12 night refer to? It refers to Christmas
Why is Duke orsino unhappy? Because Olivia doesn’t love him
Why does Olivia refuse duke orsino’s pleas? Because she is in mourning and she doesn’t like him
When Viola enters in scene two, what catastrophe occurred? Viola and her brother were in the shipwreck and she thinks her brother was killed
What does viola decide to do Illyria? Disguise herself and work for the Duke
Whose help does viola seek to help her with her plan? The captain
What does Mariah say Olivia thinks of Sir Toby and the friend he has brought to court her She thinks they are stupid and act like drunks
Why is sir Toby properly named? Because belch means drunk and sir Toby is always drunk
Describe Andrew He is a follower. He doesn’t have any good thoughts so he copies others and stays in their shadows
What task does Orsino give to Viola who is now in disguise as Cesario? He has viola go and plead his love to Olivia
Why is Orsino’s request a difficult one for Cesario to do? It is difficult because Cesario is a girl and Cesario likes Orsino
How does the fool proof Olivia to be the fool? He asked her why she is morning for her dead brother
What is Olivia’s first reaction when she is told Cesario wanted to speak with her? Why did she change her mind? She wanted him to go away. She changed her mind because her guard told her that he was young and good-looking
Who does Olivia fall in love with? Cesario
What does Sebastian believe has happened to his sister? She died
How did Antonio show his friendship for Sebastian? Antonio rescued Sebastian from the shipwreck and then took care of him
What happens to make Cesario suspect that Olivia has fallen in love? Olivia sends the ring and she talk to him and when she looked at him she stuttered. She was also checking him out and made excuses for her to return
Why do you sir Toby, Andrew, Maria, and the fool dislike Malvolio? Because he is pretentious and conceited he acts like he’s better than the others
How do they plan to trick Malvolio? By writing him a letter of love pretending to be Olivia?
How did Cesario respond when the Duke asked him about love? Did he understand? She gave him a very profound exclamation of love and the duke didn’t understand because she was giving him hints that she liked him but he wasn’t picking them up
Why does Fabian agree to help trick Malvolio? Because malvolio got him in trouble with Olivia
What does Malvolio day dream of in the garden? ordering Toby around and being in bed with Olivia
Why does Malvolio believe the letter he finds is from Olivia? Because it had her stamp on it and it looked like her writing
Why does Malvolio believe he is the recipient of Olivia’s love? Because the letter included some of the letters of his name
What does the letter command Malvolio to do To wear yellow stockings cross gartered and smile
What does Olivia plead for in her second meeting with Cesario? What is his response? She pleads for his love and he says he can’t love her
Why did sir Andrew challenge Cesario to a duel? Because his friends told him to and he felt threatened by Cesario because he was getting closer with Olivia
What plans do Sebastian and Antonio make upon entering Illyria? Antonio was going to find a place to stay and Sebastian was going site seeing
Why does Olivia think Malvolio is mad? Because Maria convinces her
What do Toby, Maria, Fabian do with Malvolio? They lock him up in a dark room
What role does Toby play in the duel between Andrew and Cesario? He goes back-and-forth and lies saying that the other one is meaner and buffer than the other
Who appears as Cesario and is about to duel? Why does he come forward? Sebastian and he comes forward because some guy accuses him and beats him
What does viola learn from Antonio’s actions? That Sebastian might be alive
Who does Feste find one looking for Cesario? He finds Sebastian
What happens when Andrew sees Sebastian? Andrew re-challenges him to a duel and then punches him
Describe what happens between Sebastian and Olivia Olivia see Sebastian and supposes him to be Cesario so she professes her love once again and Sebastian finding a oLivia beautiful agrees to betroth her
What disguised as Feste assume why? He Cesario’s disguise because he picks up on her word play
Who does Olivia believe Cesario to be? Her husband (Sebastian)
What is Orsino willing to do once he realizes Olivia loves Cesario? Walk away and never come back
Name three characters that see Cesario and believe him to be Sebastian Olivia Toby and Antonio
How does Olivia prove to Sebastian that she is his sister? She reveals to him only things that she would know about their family
How does Malvolio reclaim his reputation of being sane? By writing a letter to Olivia
Who is married? Olivia & SebastianOrsino& ViolaMaria& Toby