Twelfth Night

Per 1 Major Character – Viola – How does she serve Orsino and why? She serves Orsino to sustain herself as a lone girl in a foreign country. She couldn’t serve Olivia, so she serves him instead.She serves him by pretending to be a eunuch
Per 1 Major Character – Malvolio – what are his most defining characteristics? He is materialistic and arrogant
Per 1 Major Character – Malvolio – what is his function in the play? He is comic relief (yellow stockings)
Per 1 Symbol/ Motif – how does Twelfth Night depict characters with reversed gender roles? Olivia is the head of her household as opposed to the head being a man; she actively pursues a man; Sir Andrew is a coward (“unmanly”); Viola actually reversed her gender; the Duke is lovesick (which makes him overly sensitive for a socially conforming man).
Per 1 Symbol/ Motif – What is the irony of the fool being the wisest in this play? Because the fool is never taken seriously, he can say the truth to nobles without fearing the consequences. He has stated truths in Twelfth Night that are very wise but concealed as things he says because he is a fool. The choice of being a fool is wise because he has so much freedom when it comes to what he can say, whereas the wise have to think about their words and hide the truth.
Per 1 Symbol/ Motif – how do characters in the play defy and adhere to social standards in their time? Olivia defies the social hierarchy when she goes for Cesario, a servant, while she is a noblewoman. Viola seems to be out of her league when she pursues Orsino, a noble, while she is a servant (though only in disguise). Malvolio goes for his employer Olivia. In the end, once all truths are revealed, the characters marry according to their social statuses (Viola & Orsino, both nobles; Seb & Olivia, both nobles; Toby & Maria; both not noble)
Per 1 Major Character – Viola – Who is Cesario in relation to Viola? Cesario is Viola’s male persona. In order to serve the Duke Orsino, Viola has to pretend to be a eunuch, and she names her “eunuch identity” Cesario.
Per.6 Publication Info.When and where was twelfth night published. Twelfth night was first published in 1623, in the first folio.
Per 6 Biographical Information- When is Shakespeare’s birthday? April 23 1564
Per 6- Important Quotes- “If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it…” Character development: Here we see the obsessive love Orsino feels for Olivia that carries on throughout the play
Per 6 Biographical Information- How many children did Shakespeare have? 3. Susanna, Hamnet & Judith. Hamnet died at age of 11.
Per 6 Biographical Information- What were his parents occupations? His father was a leather merchant, bailiff & alderman (elected official positions) and his mother was a local landed heiress.
Per 6 Biographical Information- Who did William Shakespeare marry? Anne Hathaway on November 28, 1582.
Per 6- Closing Scene- What is the overall significance behind the last scene? The last scene is where reality and social order is restored to the very tangled and messy conflict found throughout the entire play.
Per. 6 Characters How did Olivia find herself in Illyria, and who was she stranded with? Olivia and the Sea Captain were stranded on Illyria after their ship was wrecked.
Per 6- Closing Scene- What is the significance of the clowns song at the conclusion of the novel? The song at the end of the play gives off a meloncoly tone that explains the harshness of reality of growing up while also providing a sort of support for the abrupt ending of the play.
Per 6- Closing Scene- Why isn’t Orsino’s reaction anger when he finds out Cesario is really Viola? Because Orsino is so deeply in love with Viola, he ignores that fact that he was lied to and deceived but takes the chance to have love.
Per 6 Author’s Writing Style- Is “Twelfth Night” poetry or prose? Prose
Per.6 Characters Why does Viola disguise herself as a man? Viola hides her sexulaity because she dosent have a man to vouch for her social status, this then a looks her to work for the Duke Orsino. It also provides a comedic effect when she falls in love with the Duke.
Per 6- Opening Scene- What news does Valentine bring to the Duke and why is it important? Valentine tells the Duke about Olivia’s mourning about the loss of her brother; this period of grief gives Orsino a chance to swoon Olivia.
Per 6 Historical Information- Why was role reversal so difficult to pull off in that time period? Men were the only people allowed to play characters so they had to dress as women then switch back to men acting as if a woman like in the case of Cesario.
Per 6 Historical Information- What is the significance of the title, “Twelfth Night”? The title comes from the twelfth night after Christmas when people celebrated by reversing the social roles. i.e. Servants as Lords, Men as women
Per 6- Opening Scene- Why does Shakespeare open with a soliloquy from the Duke? Orsino’s opening soliloquy sets the stage for the basis of the plays plot and the obsessive nature of Orsino’s character.
Per 6- Important Quotes- “Make me a willow cabin at your gate and call upon my soul within the house, write loyal cantons of condemned love, and sing them loud even in the dead of night…” Conflict: This line from Viola, disguised as Cesario, tells Olivia how “he” would love her, which sparks the beginning of the love triangle and Olivia’s love for who she thinks is Cesario.
Per 6- Important Quotes- “I do not now fool myself, to let imagination jade me; for every reason excites to this, that my lady loves me.” Motif: Madness- Here Malvolio responds after reading the letter Maria wrote convincing him that Olivia loves him. Following this, he makes a fool of himself to Olivia and she is persuaded he is crazy and has him locked up.
Per 6- Important Quotes- “Not yet old enough for a man, nor young enough for a boy—as a squash is before ’tis a peascod, or a cooling when ’tis almost an apple. ‘Tis with him in standing water, between boy and man.” Motif: Mistaken Identity- Here Malvolio notices features of Cesario that don’t seem manly or developed enough which attributes to Shakespeare’s idea of gender reversal in this play.
Per 6- Important Quotes- “Go thou and seek the crowner and let him sit o’ my coz, for he’s in the third degree of drink: he’s drowned. Go, look after him.” Character Development: Olivia asks Feste to look after the drunk Sir Toby. These kinds of favors come up often throughout the play which makes it obvious that he is a drunk.
Per 6- Important Quotes- “Thy tongue, thy face, thy limbs, actions and spirit. Do give thee five-fold blazon. Not too fast! Soft, soft!” Theme: In this quote, Olivia proclaims her love for Cesario right after they met for the first time. This reiterates the theme that love is blind to deceit.
Per 6- Important Quotes- “They that dally nicely with words may quickly make them wanton.” Theme: This quote illustrates the dangers found within written words that appears several times throughout the play when dealing with letters, notes, etc.
Per 1 – Quotes – What does the quote “Conceal me what I am, and be my aid/ For such disguise as haply shall become/ The form of my intent.” (1.3.53-55) contribute for the plot? This quote shows that Viola is going to hide the fact that she is female, and adopt her male disguise as who she “truly” is in Illyria.
Per 1 – Quotes – What plot point unfolds after Viola states: “That I am Viola” (5.1. 253)? The falling action and resolution, in which everything is put back in order; once Viola reveals her true self, all confusions with Sebastian’s appearance and Olivia’s romantic advances are resolved, and almost everyone attains their true loves.
Per 6 Plot Summary- Who is Orcino in love with and why does she not love him back? Olivia, and she has just lost her brother leading to her sorrow and solitude.
Per 6 Plot Summary- Why does Viola dress as a man? She wants to work and has no one to vouch for her, so she becomes a man to work for Orcino.
Per 6 Plot Summary- What do Maria, Toby, and Andrew plan to do to Malvolio? They plan to play a massive prank on Malvolio for being so pompous; they do this by writing a fake letter from Olivia to Malvolio making it look as if Olivia is in love with Malvolio.
Per 6 Plot Summary- Why is it so dangerous for Antonio to follow Sebastian? Antonio is banned from Illyria by Orcino, but follows Sebastian anyways because he is affectionate for him.
Per 6 Plot Summary- What is the greatest conflict between the main characters? They have a love triangle; Orcino loves Olivia, who loves Viola (Cesario), who in turn, loves Orcino.
Per 6 Plot Summary- What ends up happening to Malvolio? After falling for Maria’s trick letter, he is suspected to be insane by Olivia, and is sent to a dark room to be tormented by The Clown and the others. At the end of the play, he storms off completely outraged.
Per 6 Plot Summary- Why does does Orcino become infuriated with Viola? He is led to believe that Viola has married Olivia, his love, when in fact it was Sebastian who married Olivia, leading to the mix-up.
Per 6 Plot Summary- How do Andrew and Toby get beat-up? They attempt to fight who they think is Viola, because Andrew believes he is trying to steal away Olivia. In reality, they actually try to fight Sebastian and lose horribly.
Per 6 Plot Summary- How does the play resolve? After revealing to everyone that Cesario is Viola disguised as a man, every love interest is altered and a happy ending is created as Orcino marries Viola, Sebastian marries Olivia, and Toby marries Maria.
Per 6 Plot Summary- What is the outcome of sending Cesario to talk to Olivia? Olivia not only denies Orcino, but falls for the messenger, Cesario, who is really Viola.
Per 6 Setting- Where does the play take place? In Illyria, the fictional equivalent of the Adriatic coast.
Per 6 Setting- Does the play ever reveal a time in which it took place? No, a year in which the play takes place is unknown, however it is probably around the early 1600’s, the same time Shakespeare wrote it. Also regarded as the Elizabethan Era.
Per 1 – Quotes – How does the quote “This fellow is wise enough to play the fool, / And to do that well craves a kind of wit” (3.1.61-62) make sense when fools are meant to be foolish? This quote shows the motif of the wise fool. According to Viola, fools act foolish for a living, but in order to make their patrons laugh, they have to be aware of who they’re joking in front of, and understand what makes them laugh. Fools calculate their words very carefully, which makes them wise despite what their occupation implies.
Per 1 – Quotes – What is happening as Olivia says “Even so quickly may one catch the plague” (1.5.296)? Why is it such a problem? She is falling in love with Cesario, which is dramatic irony because she doesn’t know that Cesario is actually a woman. The audience knows, and would realize that this is a problem because Olivia’s love for Cesario would lead to conflict for Viola, who can’t reveal her true gender yet.
Per 1 Style – Shakespeare often uses witty wordplay in his plays. How does he use them in Twelfth Night to characterize both witty and foolish characters, such as when Andrew mistakenly calls Maria “Mistress Accost”? In the play, when characters are witty, they respond to puns by extending and expanding on it (ex: fool’s conversations with many characters in the play). When characters are foolish, they are usually completely oblivious to the wit or humor; Andrew’s accidental misuse of accost and his obliviousness of it shows his stupidity.
Per. 6 Characters What is the importance of Viola’s reveal at the end of the play? The reveal a looks Viola to be who she truly is. Viola no longer has to pretend to be sone e she is not.
Per.6 Characters How is Viola’s disguise important to the work as a whole? The disguise causes some sexual confusion, and adds to the comedic effect of a love triangle between viola, cesario and Olivia.
Per.6 Characters Why is olivia refusing guests at the beginning of the play. She refuses guests because she is mourning her brothers death.
Per. 6 Characters Who does Olivia fall in love with? A. Orsino B.CesarioC.Malvolio D.Andrew Aguecheek B
Per. 1 Publication Information What is the Publication date of Twelfth Night ? The First Folio in 1623
Per. 1 Historical Information The Twelfth Night was written in what era ? The Elizabethan Era
Per. 1 Character What is Toby’s most defining characteristic? Toby is often drinking, he is a drunk.
Per. 1 Character How is Toby manipulative? Toby is manipulative towards Andrew. He takes advantage of Andrew’s stupidity to pay for his alcohol
Per. 1 Is Toby a corrupt character? Explain Yes, Toby is corrupted. He abuses his stay at Olivia’s house and almost becomes unwelcome in her home.
Per 1 – Quotes – Olivia says “And underneath that consecrated roof, / Plight me the full assurance of your faith” (4.3.25-26) to Sebastian, proposing to him. What does it add to the confusion of the plot? This is another part of the rising action, in which more and more people mistake Sebastian for Cesario and vice versa. Because Olivia and Sebastian are about to be officially married, Cesario, who serves Orsino, who is in love with Olivia, would be thought as a traitor to Orsino for marrying Olivia behind his back. In 5.1, Viola is seen as a traitor to Olivia too, for denying the marriage.
Per 1- Quotes – Why does Viola say “Disguise, I see thou art a wickedness” after Olivia shows interest in Cesario (2.3.27), and how is this conflicting for Viola? Viola says this because Cesario is her male disguise, so Olivia loves Cesario without realizing that Cesario is really a girl. This disguised has caused confusion for characters throughout the play, beginning with Olivia’s love for Cesario, and becomes a conflict for Viola as she tries to keep her gender a secret without getting into trouble for being pursued by Olivia.
Per 1 – Quotes – What do the quotes Olivia says: “think me as well a sister as a wife” (5.1.319), addressed to Orsino, and “A sister; you are she” (5.1.326), addressed to Viola, show about the development of the characters’ relationships? Because Olivia is married to Sebastian, Viola becomes her sister-in-law. And because Viola marries Orsino, Olivia becomes Orsino’s remote sister-in-law. Before, Viola was Orsino’s servant and Olivia loved her as Cesario. Orsino loved Olivia. Now, the relationships that were previously romantic have become familial and familial relationships turned romantic as well.
Per 1 – Symbol/Motif – How does Shakespeare show the flexibility of love in Twelfth Night? At the beginning of the play, Orsino is madly in love with Olivia and close friends with Cesario, and Olivia is in love with Cesario. In the end, Orsino romantically loves Viola, and Olivia sees Viola as a family member rather than a love interest. Similarly, Orsino sees Olivia as a sister at the conclusion of the play. These rapid changes show that love isn’t a single path that can’t change from romantic to familial (or vice versa); the characters’ changes of heart prove that love is subject to change no matter how intense it is.
Per 1 – Symbol/Motif – What is the importance of disguise in the play, and what does this motif say about identity? Disguise in the play, particularly Viola’s act of concealing her gender and social class, allowed her to experience being someone on the opposite of the spectrum from where she is; Cesario is a male servant, whereas Viola is a woman of noble birth. This shows that identity is not inherent; despite what a person’s defined character is at birth (eg: sex & status), his/her identity is not fixed, and like love, it is subject to change. Although the characters return to their true selves at the end of Twelfth Night, the fact remains that their changes in identity (eg social role reversals) did happen.
Pd. 1Theme -The aspect of cross dressing is prevalent throughout the play. What does the theme of switching gender roles imply about Shakespeare’s time? This theme demonstrates that gender is more fluid, and a type of social hierarchy rather than a specific identity. The fluidity of gender depicts the freedom one assumes under the guise of another, and challenges the preconceived notions of gender and its defining characteristics.
Per. 1 Character Who is Toby related to and what effect does it have on the household? Toby is related to Olivia. Toby is Olivia’s Uncle. Because of the relationship between Toby and Olivia, Toby gets away with a lot of things, such as partying and coming home late and drunk.
Per 1. Character Why does Fabian want to see Malvolio fall from Olivia’s grace ? Fabian wants to see Malvolio fall from Olivia’s grace because Malvolio told Olivia that he was bear baiting.
Per.6 Characters Olivia gives ____ to Malvolio to give to cesario. A ring, a attempted proposal
Per.6 Characters Orsino confesses that he wants an excess of _____. Love “If music be the food of love play on, Give me excess of it…”
Per.6 Characters Who works for orsino, delivering messages to olivia? Cesario
Per. 6 Characters What does orsino do when he finds out that Cesario is actually Viola?A. Get angry and banish her B. Ask for her hand in marriageC. Kiss her D. Push her away B
Per. 6 Characters Orsino compares women to _____. Roses
Per.6 Characters What is one reason that Orsino thinks women cannot love like men can? Because men’s love e is deeper and conforming
Per.6 SymbolsWhat does the changing of clothing symbolize, and why is this impertinent to the story? The changing of clothing is a character taking up a new identity: physically showing the change they are going through.
Per. 1 Historical Information Explain what the Elizabethan Era was known for? The Elizabethan Era is known for Queen Elizabeth’s Reign and English history like Shakespeare and others
Per. 1 Characters How are Olivia and Duke Orsino similar ? They are similar because they both contain the traits of obsession and passion when it comes to love. Olivia and Orsino are both in love with the concept of being love but not in love with the actual person.
Per. 1 CharacterHow does Olivia grief for her brother? She griefs by wearing all black and a veil to cover her face.
Per. 1 CharacterHow long does Olivia say she is mourning her brother for ? A. 3 years B. Until she is married C. 7 years D. 5 years. C. 7 years
Per. 1 Character What is the significance of Olivia pursuing Cesario ? By having Olivia pursue Cesario it shows how rebellious she is. Olivia is not confining to the ideal stereotypical role of women in the Elizabethan era. She doesnt sit and wait to be pursued; she proposes to Cesario, breaking the gender and social status.
Per. 1 Character What is Andrew’s purpose in the play ? His purpose is to make things comedic. He is comic relief
Per. 1 Character Andrew is a character who is? A. Gullible B. Attentive C. Brave D. Witty A. Gullible
Per. 1 CharacterWhat is Fabian’s job ? He is Olivia’s servant
Per 6- author’s style What meter does Shakespeare traditionally write in?A. Dactylic B. Diameter C. Iambic pentameter C. Iambic pentameter, which is 10 syllables a line.
Pd. 1 Theme – Love is a central theme throughout the novel. However, Shakespeare combines love and its resulting sacrifices in order to convey what love does to people. How does this theme apply to Sebastian and Antonio? When Sebastian doesn’t return to the Elephant Antonio becomes worried. Antonio is aware that he shouldn’t be in Ilyria, but still decides to sacrifice himself, and leave the safety of the inn and search for Sebastian for the love that he holds for him.
Per. 6 Themes/Motifs How does Olivia’s reciprocation “love” influence Malvolio’s actions and what affect does it have on theme? Malvolio is driven to madness, at first it is excitement and joy that causes him to dance around and change his appearance. This quickly turns to distress when he is locked away and made fun of. The final stage of Malvolio’s madness is anger, he is filled with rage when he finds out that Olivia did not write the letter to him, and claims that he will make them all regret what they have done. This shows that artificial love hurts more than love itself.
Pd. 1 Theme – Throughout the play, deception plays a huge role; Shakespeare uses deception as a way to see the true self of a person. Considering this, why does Maria deceive Malvolio and how does she do it? Maria writes a letter under the guise that she is Olivia. She does this as a prank on Malvolio, because she cannot stand his serious nature.
Per 6- Authors StyleShakespeare’s plays were most commonly written inA. Blank verse B. Rhymed verse C. Prose A. Shakespeare most commonly wrote his plays in in blank verse which is unrhymed iambic pentameter
Per. 6 Themes/MotifsAll of the following have an effect on the theme of the play EXCEPTA. Gender Roles B. Love turning into anger C. JealousyD.Family D. FamilyWhile some characters may have lost members of their family, or do not like members, the central focus of the play is love and its tragic downfalls.
Per.6 Themes/MotifsWhat point is Shakespeare trying to get across when he talks of love in a way that makes fun of itself? To show that love is funny, that is is alright to laugh at how quickly someone can fall in love and fall out. To show that those in love may be experiencing a fantasy, and once the are brought back to reality they will come to their senses. He wants to show that love is not easy or clean or straight forward, rather a giant winding path that one hopes to reach the end of.
Per.6 Characters When Sebastian first arrives in Illyeria, he is mistaken for being ___. Cesario
Per.6 CharactersWho does Sebastian help after being saved from the shipwreck?A. MalvolioB. Sir Andrew C.Antonio D. Olivia C. Antonio
Per.6 Characters Why does Sebastian marry Olivia? Because he thinks she is beautiful, and since she believes Sebastian is Cesario she is flirting with him which encourages Sebastian.
Per. 6 CharactersWho does Sebastian fight with, and who wins? Sebastian fights with Sir Andrew, and Sebastian walks away unscathed, where as Sir Andrew has blood coming from his head.
Per 6 Characters What does the letter tell Malvolio to wear if he wishes to be with Olivia? Yellow stockings, because its is Olivia’s “favorite” color
Per. 6 Characters Malvolio is the steward to ____. Olivia
Per 6 Characters Why is Sebastian imperative to the closing scene? Because he is the one that reveals that Viola was not the one who fought Sir Andrew, or took Antonio’s purse. He also allows Viola to see that he is not dead, so she could stop pretending to be a man.
Per 6- Authors StyleWhat 3 types of plays did Shakespeare write? A. Histories, tragedies, romancesB. Histories, comedies. TragediesC. Sonnets, couplets, monologues B. Shakespeare most commonly wrote histories, like Henry V, tragedies like Romeo & Juliet and comedies like Twelfth Night.
Per. 6 Themes/Motifs How does Viola’s Gender change provide comic relief? It is the mechanism that causes Olivia to fall in love with the wrong person, and for her being confused with her brother Sebastian. It also shows that a woman fell in love with another woman and a “man” fell in love with a man, which goes against “normal” gender standards.
Per 6 Themes/ Motifs What is the importance of switching genders? It demonstrates that at this time gender could be defined by clothing and a change of voice, that it is not a fixed identity, rather a social arrangement. It pokes fun at the social standings of the time.
Pd. 1Character (supporting) -Whose court does Valentine belong to? He belongs to Orsino’s court. He is an attendant and meant to do small errands for Orsino.
Pd. 1 Character (supporting) – When Valentine is first introduced, what do we learn that he has failed to accomplish? Orsino originally sent Valentine to “woo” Olivia, but fails to do so.
Pd. 1 Character (supporting) – What does Curio suggest Orsino do to distract himself from his heartache over Olivia in the first scene? a) go huntb) go to a pubc) find a new girld) go to her and demand she love him a) go hunt
Pd. 1Character (supporting) – Who does Curio go to look for when Orsino wants to hear a song he previously heard in a pub? Curio goes and retrieves Feste.
Pd. 1Character (major) – Who is Orsino love sick for at the beginning of the play?a) Mariab) Violac) Olivia d) Toby c) Olivia
Pd. 1 Character (major) – Who refers to music as “the food of love, play on” and what is its significance? Orsino refers to music as the food of love. He means to say that if music is the driving force of love that it should be continued and never should it be ceased.
Pd. 1Character (major) – Feste refers to Orsino as being as changeable as a) the seab) a pair of underwear c) an opald) both a and c d) both a and c
Pd. 1Character (major) – At the end of the play, Orsino tells Viola that he will marry her once she _____. Orsino tells Viola that he will marry her once she DRESSES AS A WOMAN.
Per 1 Style – When Viola says: “Art not thou the Lady Olivia’s fool”, to which the fool responds: “No indeed, sir. The Lady Olivia… will keep no fool, sir, till she be married…” (3.1.32-4), how does the fool’s wordplay show that he is, ironically, witty? The fool outright states that he isn’t a fool, which he proves throughout the play with witty commentaries. However, he elaborates on the concept of a “fool”, saying that the only fool Olivia will have with be her husband. The fool plays on the word “fool” as his occupation and as an adjective that degrades Olivia’s husband, which makes him a clever character.
Pd. 1Character (major) – Who does Maria work for, and what does she do? Maria is Olivia’s lady in waiting. She would do things such as clean up after her and make sure Olivia is presentable to any callers.
Per 6- Possible Themes Throughout the novel many characters use deception and trickery to manipulate situations. Give two examples of a character who uses deception. -Viola disguises herself as Cesario to work for the Duke.-Feste dressing up at Sir Topas-Olivia having Malvolio bring Cesario the ring he “forgot” so she could see him again -Sir Toby & Maria pranking Malvolio
Pd.1 Character (major) – Why does Maria refuse to marry Toby throughout the majority of the play? Maria does not approve of Toby’s excessive drinking and partying.
Pd. 1 Character (major) – What ultimately makes Maria decide to prank Malvolio? Maria is tired of Malvolio’s constant criticism and his habit of looking down on others who aren’t socially below himself. Maria wants to not only humiliate Malvolio, but teach him his place.
Per 1 Major Character – Malvolio – What did he fantasize about in the garden while Maria and others watched? He fantasized about marrying Olivia, where he will be rich and powerful, and lecturing Toby about his drunkenness.
Per 1 Major Character – Malvolio – What does he declare at the end of the play, after knowing about the entire prank that was played on him? He declares that he will have revenge on all of Olivia’s servants.
Pd. 1 Plot summary -Why does Viola decide to go to work under Orsino instead of Olivia? Olivia is too solemn and busy mourning the death of her brother to see or hire anybody. Because of this, Viola is left to go under Orsino.
Pd. 1Plot summary – Orsino sends Cesario to go and woo Olivia. The end result is not the ultimate goal. What happens when Cesario first meets Olivia? Cesario manages to woo Olivia and make her fall for him and not Orsino, the intended target.
Pd 1. Plot summary -When Sebastian is revealed to be alive, where does Antonio ask Sebastian to return after exploring Ilyria? Antonio asks Sebastian to return to an Inn called The Elephant.
Per 6- Possible ThemesThe reversal of traditional social order is prevalent throughout the play. Give two examples of the reversal of social order. -Olivia, a noble woman with high social status, falling in love with Cesario, a page with no social ranking-Sir Toby marrying Maria, Lady Oliva’s servant- Malvolio, a lowly steward, being in love with Lady Olivia
Pd. 1Plot summary -Who are two main masterminds behind the pranking of Malvolio? a) Toby and Andrewb) Andrew and Maria c) Maria and Olivia d) Toby and Maria d) Toby and Maria
Pd. 1Plot summary – When Antonio returns and finds Cesario he mistakes him for Sebastian. He asks Cesario to return an item, but because Cesario has never met Antonio he has no idea what he is talking about. What is it that Antonio asks for Cesario to return? He asks Cesario to return his purse. Antonio originally gave his purse to Sebastian when he went exploring but now needs it as he is getting arrested.
Per.6 Characters Which of the following is a reason Malvolio is arrogant?A. He Believes that he is above everyoneB. He does not like the people he is around C. He is unhappy that he does not have childrenD. He is too in love with Olivia to love anything elseE. A and B E. He believes that he is better than everyone, and because of this he looks down on everyone disliking them at their very core (except Olivia)
Per 6- Possible ThemesAll the major characters in the novel desired to find love. The characters searched for love and each experienced it in different way. Give an example for two different characters and their experience with love. – Viola/Cesario: Fell in love with Duke Orsino after building a relationship of friendship. Duke Orsino began to confide and trust Cesario which fostered the relationship -Duke Orsino: The Duke was obsessed with love. He fell in love with Olivia because of how beautiful she was. The Duke and Lady Olivia never had a real relationship. Orsino was desirous to be in love. -Olivia: Olivia fell in love with Cesario because he is a straightforward, candid man. Cesario is not in the slightest interested with Olivia, which deepens her attraction towards him even more. Olivia marries Sebastian immediately.-Toby/Maria: Sir Toby and Maria fall in love after they have developed a friendship. They prank Malvolio together and Sir Toby is awed by Maria’s cunning ways. -Malvolio- Malvolio is in love with Lady Olivia throughout the play. He believes loving her will bring him great wealth and higher status. He does not love Lady Olivia, he only loves her money
Per 6- Characters (Minor)Who is the only character who knows of Viola’s true identity the entire play long?A. CurioB. AntonioC. The Captain C. The Captain washes up on the beach with Viola and swears to protect her identity. He helps her transform into a eunuch.
Per 6- Characters (Minor) Curio and Valentine are which character’s servants?A. Duke OrsinoB. Lady OliviaC. Sir Toby A. Curio and Valentine are Orsino’s servants.
Per 6- Characters (Minor)What does Fabian do to lose favor with Lady Olivia? Fabian is caught bear-baiting on the house grounds.
Per 6 Characters What is the fatal flaw of Sir Toby, as described by Maria and Olivia? That he is a Drunk
Per. 6 Characters All of the following get married in the finale exceptA. CesarioB.Sebastian C. TobyD. Orsinio Toby does not marry
Per. 6 CharactersWhat is the significance of the fools singing? The fool is able to express emotions that Toby and Andrew are not able to because they are to drunk or cannot find the words for. It is also used to add comedic effect to the play.
Per 6 Characters The Fools job is to ____. Sing, Dance, and make fun of everyone around him,
Per. 6 Characters Why does the Fool think that Olivia is a fool? Because she is mourning over her brother who she believes is in heaven, the fool believes that if someone is in heaven than they should not be mourned for.
Per. 6 CharactersWho is Maria’s potential love interest? Toby
Per.6 CharactersWhy is Andrew brought to Illyeria? Toby wishes to keep him around because Andrew pays for his alcohol. Toby wants Andrew to marry Olivia so that he could stay permanently.
Per.6 Characters Why does Andrew try to fight Sebastian? He believes that Sebastian is Cesario
Per.6 Characters Why does Maria write the love letter to Malvolio? Maria wanted to help Toby and Andrew get back at Malvolio for insulting them and telling Toby that his niece did not want him to live with her again.
Per.6 Characters The fool makes fun of everyone exceptA. OliviaB. MalvolioC. SebastianD. Maria C. Sebastian
Per.6 Characters The fool dresses up as ____ to make fun of Malvolio. curate ( a member of the clergy)
Per. 1 Plot Summary Who does Andrew mistake who for and who does he pick a fight with ? Andrew mistakes Sebastian for Cesario, which he mistakenly picks a fight with Sebastian.
Per. 1 Plot Summary When do the characters realize when there are two Sebastians/Cesarios ? When Sebastian goes to apologize to Olivia for fighting with Toby and Andrew
Pd. 1Plot summary – At the end of the play Viola and Sebastian finally run into each other. How do they ultimately decide that they are in fact brother and sister? a) both their fathers has a mole on his forehead b) both their fathers died on their sisters 13th birthday c) they compare birthmarks d) both a and b d) both a and b
Per. 1 Plot Summary What has just happened in Illyria, in Act 1 Scene 2 ?A. Orsino has expressed how painful it is to be in love with Olivia B. A shipwreck C. Andrew and Toby have been out partying D. Antonio got arrested B. A shipwreck
Per 1 Viola – Major Character – Viola says that if she were in love with Olivia as much as Orsino did, she would ______. Who is it that she seems to really be aiming her passion towards? Build a cabin outside Olivia’s house, and serenade to her in the middle of the night, calling out her name until Olivia would pity Viola (Cesario). Everything Viola says, she bases off of her love for Orsino.
Per 1 Minor Character – Sea Captain – What is the Sea Captain’s main role in the play? To conceal Viola’s true gender. He is a symbol for Viola’s secret that is kept through most of Twelfth Night.
Per 1 Major Character – Viola – How does Viola treat Orsino throughout the play? What best describes her when it comes to being with Orsino (as servant or lover)? Viola is extremely loyal and dedicated to Orsino. Her love for him is so intense that, despite how painful it is for her to woo Olivia for Orsino without being able to reveal that she herself loves him, she does it because he told her to. She and Orsino are both in pain because of love, but Viola expresses her love with dedication and unwavering admiration.
Per 1 Minor Character – Sea Captain – What has Malvolio done to him as stated by Viola in Act 5? Viola says that Malvolio has sent the Sea Captain to prison after investigating him. The crime is unknown.
Per 1 Biographical Information: Where were most of Shakespeare’s play shown during the Elizabethan era? The Globe Theatre.
Per 1 Biographical Information: Other than his fame as a playwright, what was Shakespeare also known for? Besides writing famous plays, he was also known for his poetry and for writing 154 sonnets.
Per 1 Setting: In what country does the setting of the play take place? The play sets in Illyria between the home of Olivia and the Duke Orsino.
Per 1 Setting: What is the significance of using Illyria as the setting for the play? In the play, it is know as a dukedom which is fictional and in reality it is located on the Adriatic coast. During the Elizabethan era, it was known as a mysterious land with the possibility of mystery and romance. In the play, Shakespeare using Viola as her character seeking out this mystery and romance as a rouse to forget about the death of her brother.
Per 1 Significance of Opening and Closing Scenes: How is the opening of the play introduced and who is speaking? Duke Orsino begins the play and is giving a speech.
Per 1 Significance of Opening and Closing Scenes: What is the main theme introduced in his speech? The main theme that he introduces in his love and how it can hurt one person.
Per 1 Significance of Opening and Closing Scenes: At the end of the play, how does Shakespeare revert the social status of the women and the men? Towards the end of the play, Viola is discovered to be a woman when her brother Sebastian appears. Olivia is no longer seen as an independent woman after Shakespeare portrays her as someone who is love struck towards Orsino.
Per 1 Minor Character: Sebastian – Sebastian is the twin brother of which main character? A. OrsinoB. ViolaC. OliviaD. Toby B. Viola
Per 1 Minor Character: Sebastian – Towards the end of the play, who does he end up marrying?A. ViolaB. MariaC. OliviaD. Desdemona C. Olivia
Per 1 Minor Character: Antonio – In what way does Antonio’s character challenge society’s view and the stereotypical norm during this time period? Antonio is analyzed with having a strong male bond with Sebastian, whether it be in a romance fashion or simply a really strong brotherly connection. Most people would not really see two grown men in a strong bond.
Per 1 Minor Character: Antonio – Why was Antonio arrested when he was discovered roaming about in Illyria? He had raided one of the ships that had belonged to Duke Orsino.
Per 1 Plot Event. What internal conflict does Viola experience throughout the whole play? Throughout the whole play, Viola falls in love with Orsino, but is playing a role as a man, so she cannot express her love and Orsino is in love with Olivia who in turn is in love with Viola’s counterpart.
Per 1 Plot Event: Who saves Sebastian from getting further into a fight with Sir Andrew towards the end of the play?A. AntonioB. TobyC. OliviaD. Viola C. Olivia
Per 1 Plot Event: Who does Antonio confuse to be Sebastian when he Antonio calls him a traitor? A. CesarioB. AndrewC. Sea CaptainD. Feste A. Cesario