Stone Duchess (cas’d) cas’d up, like a holy relic
Stone Duchess (figure) This is flesh and blood sir, / ‘Tis not the figure cut in alablaster / Kneels at my husband’s tomb
Lodovico the object poisons sight / let it be hid.
Ferdinand death Diamond Like diamonds we are cut with our own dust
* Ferdinand death sister My sister! Oh my sister! there’s the cause on’t. / Whether we fall by ambition, blood, or lust, / Like Diamonds we are cut with our own dust
Ferd deaf this intemperate noise / fitly resembles deaf men’s shrill discourse / who talk aloud, thinking all other men / To have their imperfection
Ferd rupture I can be angry / without this rupture
Deianira realising Iole knowledge Oh! Oh! What has happened to me?
* Deianira sculptor the robe engulfed him / around his limbs, clinging to his sides / like the work of a sculptor
Deianira promised by Nessus a charm over / the heart of Heracles, so he will never look at another woman / and love her more than you
Deianira sceptic the only thing that could hurt would be not to know
cavell winter’s tale and othello the result of the men’s refusal to ackowledge the other is ‘an imagination of stone’
* cavell stone available to knowledge a stone, a statue is fundamentally open to the ocular proof (…) a human being is not’
deianira Hyllus why should a mother’s name bring dignity / when her deeds are nothing like a mother’s?
ferd duchess pitch dip the sheets they lie in, in pitch or sulphur / wrap them in’t, and then light them like a match
* ferd revenge ventage I would have their bodies / Burnt in a coal-pit with the ventage stopp’d / That their curs’d smoke might not ascend to heaven.
* Othello whip me whip me ye devils / from the possession of this heavenly sight!
Deianira silence chorus do you not know that your silence / agrees with your accusers?
Simone Weil Might is that which makes a thing of anybody who comes under its sway
Cavell Gendered Knowing traditions Heidegger to ‘grasp’; Biblical sexual access to the man not woman;
Cavell Gendered knowing quote violence in masculine knowing explicitly associated with jealousy (…) private property
Deianira means man-destroyer
Ferdinand looks at Duchess body BOSOLA: Fix your eye here.FERDINAND: Constantly.BOSOLA: Do you not weep? Other sins only speak; murder shrieks out
Othello cause It is the cause, it is the cause, my soul. / Let me not name it to you, you chaste stars, / It is the cause
* Othello Desdemona refuses to confess perjured O perjur’d woman, / Thou dost stone [my/thy] heart / And makest me call what I intend to do / A murder, which I thought a sacrifice.
Deianira torn apart may you never learn / by your own suffering how my heart is torn. / You do not know.
Cavell stone similar everything the other is not
Othello faith in des my life upon her faith