Macbeth (shakespeare)

Tragic Hero Must… 1. Noble2. Suffer a great fall that exceeds the punishment they deserve (death, falling from power, etc.)3. Suffer from hubris (excessive pride)4. Experience and cause a catharsis (emotional purging) 5. Realize their mistake but also understand that it is too late to change things
Shakespeare’s 4 great tragedies Hamlet, King Lear, Macbeth, and Othello
Shakespeare’s source of Macbeth Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland
Shakespeare’s shortest play Macbeth
Shakespeare’s only scottish play Macbeth
Who is the Character Macbeth? Scottish noble and general in Duncan’s army; Married to Lady Macbeth; 40 years old; Thane of Glamis (high ranking position in Duncan’s kingdom)
Why does Lady Macbeth hate Duncan? Duncan had Lady Macbeth’s father killed
Duncan and Macbeth’s relation Cousins and best friends
Why did Shakespeare write Macbeth? James asked Shakespeare to write a play for him for the opening banquet thrown for James’ brother King Christian of Denmark
How does Macbeth flatter the king in his play? James was from scotland, the play is set in scotland; James was a descendant of Banquo and Duncan; Play has witches (James is very into witchcraft); Has ghosts (which he believes in)
Forres Site of Duncan’s castle
Inverness Macbeth’s castle
Fife Macduff’s castle
Scone Place where kings of scotland were crowned
Dunsinane Macbeth’s residence at END of play, it sits on a hill and is surrounded by a valley with a small forest across the field (great place for a castle because you can catch your enemies)
Burnin Wood Forest near Dunsinane
When does Macbeth take place? – 1034 (Duncan becomes king, founding first and only dynasty of scotland)- 1040 (Action of play begins, 6 years later, Duncan became king at 36, but shakespeare portrays him as older)
Scotland’s society Feudalistic; violent country, especially for the king; 17 kings ruled from 844 to 1057; and 12 were assassinated
5 act tragic form Introduction –> Complication (rising action) –> Climax (turning point) –> Falling action –> Catastrophe (Denoucement)
Introduction Provides background essentials to understanding play; sets tone and setting
Complication (rising action) Tension caused by conflict being built; Plot cannot happen without conflict
Climax (turning point) Peak of emotional intensity; sometimes called turning point because the intensity must now decline
Falling action Things are falling apart
Catastrophe Moment marking the protagonists tragic failure (usually resulting in his death)
Soliloquy Heavily used by shakespeare, expresses character’s thoughts
Most of Macbeth is composed in what? Blank Verse
Why did shakespeare use comic relief? Most people at the plays were groundlings, poor people. They comic relief was mainly dirty which appealed to them. It also brought light into such a dark play
The Elizabethan Great Chain of Being Everything on earth and in the universe is linked with a particular order; The most heavenly creatures were at the foot of God
What is the hierarchy on earth ruled by? Money
Tragedies High social standing characters; dangers are extreme; conclusion is sad; action moves toward state of chaos; many deaths
Comedies Ordinary people; emotions and dangers are mild; happy outcome, usually ending in marriage; main action is from chaos to resolution
Shakespeare’s dark years His only son died and he was left with 2 girls. one of which was ugly and probably would not marry
What is considered one of shakespeare’s darkest and most powerful plays Macbeth & Lear (Lear is darkest)
Duncan King of Scotland; He’s a great king; Kind to his people; honorable; has no wife but two sons (Malcom and Donalbain)
Banquo General in Duncan’s army; He and Macbeth are close friends