Tombre Act 4 and 5 much ado

What does Claudio do at the wedding? Claudio shames Hero (refuses to marry her)
At first, what does Leonato assume has happened when Claudio asserts that Hero is not a virgin? He assumes that Claudio and Hero had sex before the wedding
Who sides with Claudio? Don John and Don Pedro
How does Hero try to defend herself? She says it wasn’t her and she spoke to no one
What happens to Hero next? She faints and Claudio claims she’s blushing = proof for him
Who consistently believes in Hero’s innocence? Beatrice, Friar, and Benedick (convinced by Beatrice)
Who does Leonato believe? Why? He believes Claudio
Who is willing to give Hero the benefit of the doubt? Benedick by looking at the evidence
Who sees Don John as the probable cause of this problem? What does this show about him? Benedick because he was constantly not sure about Don John
What plan does Friar Francis concoct? PLAN A: 1. Pretend Hero is dead 2. Truth will come out 3. Claudio and Don Pedro will feel remorse 4. Claudio will realize Hero was actually worth it PLAN B: Her to become a nun
How are Beatrice and Benedick different in this scene? They are really nice to each other
When Benedick tells Beatrice that he will do anything for her, what request does she make and how does he react? She wants him to kill Claudio and he laughs at her.
What does the sexton discover during his interrogation of Conrade and Borachio? Borachio had framed Hero
What has Don John done? He left
How does Conrade upset Dogberry? He calls him an Ass
How does Dogberry defend himself? He calls himself an officer of the law and that he is an intelligent homeowner and he owns two gowns (shirts / jacket)
Scene 2 with Dogberry and verges: Why put it in? Comic relief because the play is almost a tragedy with Claudio and Benedick almost fighting.
What advice does Antonio give to Leonato? To calm down or he will die
How does Leonato react to this advice? He was upset and he refuses to listen because he’s too upset about Hero
When Leonato won’t calm down, Antonio gives new advice. What is it? Must get revenge
What does Leonato want Claudio to do? Does he? He wants him to fight him, No because he is too old
What does Antonio offer to do? To fight Claudio
How does Don Pedro react to the challenge? He retells them that the accusations were true
When Benedick enters, what does Claudio ask him to do? To cheer him up (use his wit)
What metaphor does Benedick use for his cleverness? His sword
Who realizes that Benedick is in a serious mood? Don Pedro
What does Benedick want from Claudio? To challenge him
How does Don Pedro attempt to distract Benedick? By talking about beatrice
How does Benedick plan to alter his relationship to Don Pedro? He quits
What news from Benedick surprises Don Pedro? Don John ran away
Of what does Dogberry accuse Borachio and Conrade? Lying
What is ironic about Dogberry’s response to Borachio and Conrade? They were telling the truth
How does Claudio feel when he hears Borachio’s confession? He feels poisoned and remorse
What offer does Claudio make to Leonato? He’ll take any punishment
What penance does Leonato give Don Pedro and Claudio? 1. Marry his “niece” 2. Tell everyone in town Hero is innocent 3. Shares an epitaph (honor of hero)
How does Borachio demonstrate that he is not all bad? He protects Margaret
What further accusation does Dogberry make against Borachio and Conrade? Calling him an ass
Why does Benedick thank Margaret? For helping him with his poem and a chance to talk to Beatrice
What does Margaret want in return for this favor? A sonnet (poem)
What is ironic about Benedick singing a song about Cupid? He is in love (he said early he would never be hit by his arrow)
What problem does Benedick have with writing poetry? He can’t woo a lady with such pretty words (rhyming)
What does Benedick want from Beatrice? Why won’t she comply? A kiss and he hasn’t killed claudio
Why does Beatrice say she is in love with Benedick? All his bad parts
Why does Benedick say he loves Beatrice? He just can’t help it
To what conclusion do they come? They are too clever to love peacefully
Who brings the couple news of Hero’s exoneration? Ursula
Why must Don Pedro and Claudio change clothes in Act 5 scene 3? Funeral clothes
Who is Leonato’s niece? Beatrice but they hide Hero in her place
What favor does Benedick want from Friar Francis? To tie him up (marry)
How does Leonato hint at his part in the romance of Beatrice and Benedick? He brings up the garden trick
What advice does Benedick give to Don Pedro? Find a wife
What job will Benedick perform for Don Pedro ? To think of a punishment for Don John