Timeline of Romeo and Juliet

Act 1.1 After the Montagues and Capulets brawl, Capulet agrees to betroth his daughter Juliet to Paris and arranges a ball to celebrate
Act 1.3 At the call, masked Romeo Montague is overwhelmed by Juliet’s beauty
Act 2.1 Beneath Juliet’s balcony, Romeo overhears Juliet’s avowal of love for him
Act 2.5 Romeo and Juliet are secretly married by Friar Laurence
Act 3.1 Mercurio is killed by Tybalt. Romeo kills Tybalth and is banished by the Prince
Act 3.5 (first one) Romeo and Juliet spend their wedding night together
Act 3.5 (part 2) Romeo flees to Mantua, and Juliet’s wedding to Paris is arranged
Act 4.1 Juliet is persuaded by Friar Laurence to drug herself to escape her wedding to Paris
Act 4.3-4 Juliet takes the drug and is found apparently dead in her bed
Act 5.3 (part 1) Returning to verona, Romeo sneaks into Juliet’s tomb but meets Paris and kills him in a fight
Act 5.3 (part 2) Lying next to Juliet’s body, Romeo takes poison and dies
Act 5.3 (part 3) Juliet wakes up to find Romeo dead and stabs herself in despair
Act 5.3 (part 4) Horrified by the discovery of the dead lovers, the Montagues and Capulets end their feud