The Twelfth Night Character Map

Viola disguised as Cesario Olivia falls in love with
Sebastian Olivia ends up with
Duke Orsino Viola falls in love and ends up with
Sebastian Viola is twins with
The sea captain Viola is friends with
Fabian, Feste, Maria Olivia’s servants are
Sir Toby Belch Maria
Sir Andrew Aguecheek Sir Toby Belch is friends with
Olivia Sir Toby Belch is the uncle of
Malvolio and Sir Andrew Aguecheek Olivia’s suitors are
Valentine and Curio Duke Orsino’s servants are
Sebastian Olivia ends up with
Olivia Sebastian ends up with
Antonio, a sea captain Sebastian is friends with
Olivia Duke Orsino begins the play in love with
Viola Who is Cesario?