The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet ACT 3 STUDY GUIDE

What is the setting of Scene 1 in Act 3 Public space in Verona
What is Benvolio worried about as the act opens He is afraid if they meet a Capulet they will not be able to avoid a fight
Why does Romeo initially refuse to fight Tybalt? Because they are now related since he married Juliet
What event in this scene reminds us of the point that sometimes evil come from good intentions? Romeo tries to stop the fight between Tybalt and Mercutio, instead he distracts Mercutio which allows Tybalt to stab him
How long have Romeo and Juliet been married? One hour
What happens to Tybalt? He is killed by Romeo because Romeo vows revenge for Mercutio’s death
Upon what does Romeo blame what happens here? He blames the events on the black fate
In Act 1, Lady Montague and Lady Capulet were peacemakers. Is that true in this scene? Explain. Lady Capulet is demanding that Romeo be killed for killing Tybalt. She does not care that Tybalt first killed Mercutio
What punishment does Prince Escalus give Romeo? Because of the circumstances Romeo is banished forever to Mantua forever
Where does Scene 2 take place? Capulet’s Orchard
At first, whom does Juliet believe is dead? Romeo
What does Juliet first think about Romeo when she learns he has killed Tybalt? She thinks she is opposite from what he seems. He’s a villain. He’s bad
For what was the rope ladder (“cords”) mentioned in this scene originally to have been used? To ‘do the do’ (SEX :0)
Where does Scene 3 take place? Friar Laurence’s cell
What is Romeo’s reaction to the news that the Prince has spared his life? He believes it’s worse than death because he want see Juliet
What does Romeo threaten to do himself? Kill himself (stab himself)
Where does Friar Laurence tell Romeo to go while the Friar tries to reconcile the two families? 1. Juliet’s chamber 2. Mantua (away from Verona 20 miles away)
Where does Scene 4 occur? Capulet’s House
What promise does Capulet make to Paris? That Paris will get married to Juliet on Thursday
Where does Scene 5 take place? Capulet’s Orchard
What premonition (warning) of evil does Juliet have? A nightingale was singing a song of sorrow. It looks like Romeo was climbing down his tomb
What plan does Lady Capulet claim to have come up with to kill Romeo in Mantua? Send someone to poison him
What news has Lady Capulet come to tell Juliet? She’s going to marry Paris on Thursday
How does Juliet respond? She’d rather Marry Romeo, who she hates
How does Juliet’s father react to her response? Outraged! Very angry! He says he’ll disown her/kick her out
What is the Nurse’s advice? Forget Romeo, get married to Paris
What trick does Juliet play on the Nurse? She says she’s going to Friar Laurence to confess ‘confess’ but she’s actually going to get the potion
How does Juliet now feel about the Nurse? She thinks the nurse has betrayed her. She doesn’t trust her.