The Tempest Vocabulary: Set One

abhorred Definition: Verb- To regard with disgust and hatredStudy Tip: This word comes from the Latin word abhorrere, which means to shudder away from, like you would from an abomination, which starts with the same syllable as abhorred.Sentence: Since it was Christmas, and I didn’t care to emotionally devastate my grandmother, I wore the hideous sweater that she had made me, even though I completely abhorred the monstrosity.
Allay Definition: Verb- To relieve, diminish, alleviate, or to put to rest or put away things like fear, pain, etc. To put at ease.Study Tip: Allay has lay in it. You lay down to cure a headache sometimes. It also sounds vaguely like delay so like delaying the fear or putting it away. Sentence: Please child, allay your fears for this performance of yours.
Chide Definition: Verb- to express disapproval of; to scold; rebukeStudy Tip: Chide the child.Sentence: The principal had to chide the child throwing his lunch across the cafeteria.
Fen Definition: A low area of land that frequently becomes flooded; also known as a marshStudy Tip: You will not find a HEN in a FENSentence: During our tour of the fen, we saw many types of animals, including frogs of all sizes and colors.
Fortitude Definition: Noun- Courage when facing pain or difficulty.Study Tip: Think of the word fortress, it takes courage to guard a fortress. Or this word comes from the Latin word “fortitudo”, meaning strength.Sentence: She showed fortitude when asked to take a plunge into the deep, dark depths of the ocean.
Homage Definition: Noun- A formal reverence or respect paid publicly to honor someone or somethingStudy Tip: Homage comes from the Latin words homo- and -age, which could mean tribute to manSentence: The memorial paid homage to the tragic events of that historical day many years ago.
Perfidious Definition: Adj- not able to be trusted; often deceitful and treacherousStudy Tip: per-FID-ious, Fid stands for fidelity (loyalty) and perfidious is its oppositeSentence The perfidious soldier led his troops into the castle, knowing full well the enemy was armed behind the door.
Precursors Definition: Noun- a person or thing that comes before another of the same kind; a forerunnerStudy Tip: “Pre-” means “before”, and a precursor comes before something else.Sentence: The cheerful tulips popping up all over the garden where a precursor to the beautiful spring weather to come in future months.
Prerogative Definition: Noun- a right or privilege exclusive to a particular individual or groupStudy Tip: Prerogative sounds like privilege and both words share multiple letters.Sentence: In the past, voting was a prerogative of rich white men who owned land.
Enmity Definition: Noun- the state or feeling of being actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.Study Tip: enmity is similar to enemy, who one is normally hostile towards.Sentence: There was great enmity between the Montagues and the Capulets.
Prate Definition: Verb- Talk tediously or foolishly about somethingStudy Tip: You don’t need to PRy some one’s mouth open to talk who PRatesSentence: He prate about his beet farm for several hours before I left saying I needed some air..
Spendthrift Definition: Noun- A person who spends money extravagantly and excessively.Study Tip: A spendthrift would never shop at a THRIFT storeSentence: The wealthy man was a spendthrift–if he kept spending money at his current rate, he would be broke in a matter of days.
Trifle Definition: Noun- an article or thing of very little value.Study tip: it’s a trifle to learn this wordSentence: All 5 of his iPhones were of little importance, but His 6th one was a real trifle to him; he threw it away and bought a Rolex
Brine Definition: Noun- water saturated or strongly impregnated with salt.Study Tip: Pickles are made with brine, which is literally just vinegar and salt.Sentence: The boy wanted to make pickles, so he placed the freshly picked cucumbers into his homemade brine to soak for a while.
Jocund Definition: Adj- cheerful or lightheartedStudy Tip: jocund, joycundSentence: The jocund little family rejoiced at the news of another baby.
Odious Definition: Adj- extremely unpleasant, repulsiveStudy Tip: Odious and Hideous rhyme, and mean similar things. Sentence: As I took my dog out for the last time tonight, I heard a whimper, and an odious smell reached my nostril and I knew immediately a skunk had ruined my night.
Surfeited Definition: Verb- To cause someone to not want to do something anymore, simply because they have already done so much of it.Study Tip: Your stomach will “sure-fight (fit)” you if you are surfeited with food.Sentence: After that Mexican buffet, I am surfeited with tacos right now; I couldn’t bear to have another.
Vigilance Definition: Noun- The action or state of keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficultiesStudy Tip: Vigilance and vulture both start with V. Vultures keep a watchful eye out for prey.Sentence: The vigilance of the security guard helped him catch the thief before he could steal the priceless diamond.
Abstemious Definition: Not self-indulgent, refraining from indulgence, especially concerning food or drink (adj.)Study Tip: Practicing abstinence is very abstemious.Sentence: Conner is very abstemious; he hasn’t had a bite of any dessert food in months.
Disdain Definition: Noun- The feeling that someone is undeserving of your respect or considerationStudy Tip: To diss (disdain) someone is to not treat them with respectSentence: My disregard of the five second rule earned a look of disdain from my peers.
Oracle Definition: Noun- a priest or priestess acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in classical antiquity.Study Tip. Oracles interpret and prophesize Omens.Sentence: If football was a diety, then the coach was an oracle as his team muscled their way to victory.
Rabble Definition: a disorderly crowd; a mob Study Tip: A rabble is a mob and the mob robs.Sentence: : A rabble of people scrambled out of New York City in the midst of the 9/11 attack, terrified of what would happen next.
Vexed Definition: Adj- Irritated; annoyingStudy Tip: Isn’t it irritating how there is a v and an x in vexed?Sentence: She was so vexed at the rudeness of the stranger, she decided to not go out of her way to help people anymore.
Auspicious Definition” Adj- Promising success, favored by fortuneStudy Tip: Since I have pretty bad luck, I would be pretty suspicious if my luck turned auspiciousSentence: She was not a very auspicious person as she rarely ever found success and seemed to be plagued with bad luck.
Chastise Definition: Verb- to rebuke or reprimand severelyStudy Tip: If you’re being chastised, people are probably going to “cast eyes” at you.Sentence: She was advised to chastise her daughter during the embarrassing incident at the grocery store.
Discourse Definition: a written or spoken communication or debate. It is usually formal and orderly and an extended expression of thought on a subject. Verb: to speak or write authoritatively about a topic.Study Tip: Dis- like discussion. -course like lengthy pathSentence: During my rebuttal in the debate, I was very nervous as I was not prepared for nature of Sarah’s argument. While I crafted my rebuttal with mean-spirited jabs at her argument, she retained a formal discourse in refuting my stance.
Promontory Definition: a point of high land that juts out into a large body of water; a headland.Study Tip: mont- sounds like mountain and thats a high piece of landSentence: The little mermaid swam up to the promontory, and flung herself onto it so she could see where she was at on her adventure
Rapier Definition: Noun- a thin, light sword used for thrusting. Can also be used to describe quick and incisive speech or intellect.Study Tip: Both definitions imply sharpness and being to the point.Sentence: With his rapier wit, the comedian on the club’s stage proved to be a much preferable alternative to the drunken piano player.
Score Definition: noun- a period of twenty years.Study Tip: Four score and seven years ago = 87 years.Sentence: For scores of years, scientists have known that the earth revolves around the sun.
Upbraid Definition: find fault with (someone); scold.Study Tip: You can scold someone by yanking on their braids.Sentence: A great deal of upbraiding occurred when my mother discovered that her favorite vase had been broken.