The Tempest – the Neapolitans

Gonzalo’s optimism – miracle But for the miracle – I mean our preservation
Gonzalo’s optimist – the grass How lush and lusty the grass looks! How green!
Antonio cynicalism – the grass tawny
Gonzalo’s utopian reflections No occupation… no sovereignty
Gonzalo on the islanders their manners are more gentle kind than of our human generation
Gonzalo as loyal A noble Neapolitan, Gonzalo… he furnished me
Gonzalo as holy Holy Gonzalo, honourable man
Gonzalo the preserver My true preserver
Gonzalo as reconciler His tears run down his beard, like winter’s drops.
Alonso’s melancholy My son is lost, and, in my rate, she too
Alonso repents Thou pardon me my wrongs
Antonio as Machiavellian My strong imagination sees a crown dropping upon thy head
Antonio’s question to Sebastian Then tell me, who’s the next heir of Naples?
Sebastian remembering Antonio’s actions I remember you did supplant your brother Prospero
Conscience Seb and Ant But for your conscience… Ay sir, where lies that?
Sebastian not repenting The devil speaks in him
Trinculo as stupid A man or a fish?
Trinculo and Seb colonial We will inherit here
T and S plot His daughter and I will be king and queen
Materialistic/Greedy Look what a wardrobe here is for thee
Caliban showing them to be materialistic Let’t alone, thou fool, it is but trash.