the tempest quizes

What causes Antonio and the other passengers to desert their ship in Act I of The Tempest? prospero and ariel use magic to create a storm and destroy the ship
According to Act I, why have Prospero and Miranda turned against Caliban? Caliban attacked Miranda
What does it mean to usurp a leadership position? To seize it illegally or by force
The Tempest is assumed to be the first play written by Shakespeare. Nope!
What does Prospero do with Ferdinand after Miranda and Ferdinand have fallen in love? Imprisons him
All of Shakespeare’s plays were thought to be original. Nope!
Which of the following best explains why Caliban obeys Prospero’s orders in Act I? a. because Caliban still hopes to win Miranda’s love b. because Caliban wants Prospero to leave the island c. because Caliban knows that Prospero can use magic to force obedience d. because Caliban and Ariel have a secret plot against Prospero Because Caliban knows that Prospero can use magic to force obedience
What happened to the Globe theater in 1613? A small cannon caused a fire, and it burned down
Where was Ariel before Prospero set him free? in a tree
In Act II, how does Antonio persuade Sebastian that if they kill Alonso, Sebastian can become King of Naples? By arguing that Alonso’s daughter, Claribel, is too far from Naples to take the crown
Caliban helps to prevent the murder of Alonso. False– its ariel
How does Sebastian respond when everyone wakes up before he and Antonio can kill Alonso? He concocts a ridiculous story
According to Act II, which of the following best describes the society Gonzalo would like to create on the isle? A utopia of social and economic equality
Why does Caliban hide under the cloak when Trinculo appears? because he thinks Trinculo is a spirit that Prospero has sent to punish him
When Stephano spots Trinculo and Caliban under the cloak, what does he think he sees? two-headed monster
Gonzalo and Alonso provide the comic relief for the play false– stephano and trinculo do
Which of the following best describes what it means to supplant someone? a. to replace the person by unethical means b. to abandon the person in a dangerous place c. to protect the person by any means necessary d. to collaborate with the person on major projects a. to replace the person by unethical means
Caliban becomes stephano’s servant true