The Tempest Key Quotes: Act Three

A3 S1 ” Enter Ferdinand bearing a log” Romantic dance. Courtly love? Ferdinand must prove he is worthy to Prospero for Miranda’s hand in marriage. Prospero’s revenge, knowing full well who Ferdinand is the son of, enjoying making him work hard.
A3 S1 “pray now, rest yourself” Miranda – love for Ferdinand
A3 S1 “What is your name?” “Miranda. – Oh my father, I have broken your best to day so” Miranda goes against her fathers orders by telling Ferdinand her name
A3 S1 “The jewel in my dower” Miranda’s virginity – contextually important
A3 S1 “Do you love me?” “I am your wife if you will marry me; if not I’ll die your maid” Miranda commits herself to Ferdinand
A3 S2 “Drink monster, when I bid thee” Stephano commands Caliban
A3 S2 “most malignant monster”/ “thou debauched fish”/ “half a fish and half a monster” Trinculo – post-colonial reading insulting Caliban
A3 S2 “If my greatness will revenge it on him”/ ” I’ll yield him asleep where thou mayst knock a nail into his head” Trinculo, Stephano and Caliban plot to kill Prospero
A3 S2 “Thou shalt be lord of it and I’ll serve thee” After killing Prospero, they say Stephano will be King and Caliban will serve him
A3 S2 “Thou liest” / “This I will tell my master” Ariel intervenes their plans, protecting Prospero
A3 S2 “Master I will kill this man” Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban’s plot can be seen as a parody to Sebastian and Antonio’s plot to kill Alonso
A3 S2 “this isle is full of noises”/ “sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not”/ “make me sleep again” (dream and illusion) “when I wak’d I cried to dream again” – link to Prospero’s speech “we are such stuff that dreams are made on and are little lives are rounded with a sleep” Caliban’s speech about the island and nature. Beautiful, loving language, juxtaposed with Stephano and Trinculo speaking in prose, they speak as commoners. Caliban taught gentry language.
A3 S3 “Do not for one repulse forgo the purpose that you resolved t’effect””I say tonight. No more” Antonio – plot to kill AlonsoSebastian agrees to go ahead with the plan that night
A3 S3 “Marvellous sweet music” Ariel has supernatural powers. Summons the spirits
A3 S3 “Are worse than deveils” / “men of sin”/ “most unfit to live” / ” for which foul deed, the powers delaying, not forgetting” Prospero – about the noblemen – revenge?
A3 S3 “My Ariel” (loving or controlling?) “Of my instruction hast thou nothing bated” Prospero congratulating Ariel on his work

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