The Tempest Facts

Prospero The magician who creates the storm, The former duke of Milan.
Antonio Prospero’s brother
Miranda Antonio’s daughter, she is also a princess and is in love with Ferdinand.
Ariel A spirit on the island who is enslaved by Prospero.
Caliban Son of Sycorax the witch. was enslaved and turned into a monster by Prospero.
King Alonso of Naples He is conspiring against Prospero with Antonio
Sebastian Alonso’s brother
Prince Ferdinand Alonso’s son who falls in love with Miranda
Gonzalo The wise and old concillor.
Stephano The kings butler and a drunk.
Trinculo The court jester
Sycorax A witch and the mother of Caliban
Adrian and Francisco are both… Lords
Iris, Juno, and Ceres are all … Nymphs
Claribel Alonso’s daughter
Who killed Prospero and Gonzalo ? Sebastian and Antonio
What was Miranda’s promise to her father ? To not tell Ferdinand her name
Stephen and Trinculo scheme to do what? Kill Prospero
What happens to Ariel ? She is freed my Prospero
All these Events happen within… 3 hours