The Tempest Characters

Prospero The former Duke of Milan (Italy), now a magician on a Mediterranean island.
Miranda Prospero’s Daughter
Antonio Current Duke of Milan. Prospero’s treacherous, evil brother, persuades Sebastian to kill Alonso
Alonso King of Naples, aided Antonio in unseating Prospero
Sebastian Prospero’s Brother
Ferdinand Alonso’s son. Prince of Naples (Italy)
Gonzalo Councillor to Alonso. Friend to Prospero – he helped Prospero escape to the island. Honest.
Adrian Courtier to Alonso. Lord aboard the wrecked ship
Francisco Courtier to Alonso. Lord aboard the wrecked ship
Ariel An airy spirit and servant to Prospero; gender ambiguous; used to be Sycorax’s servant
Caliban A Savage and deformed native on the island, a monster and Prospero’s slave
Trinculo Alonso’s jester/servant
Stephano Alonso’s drunken butler
Boatswain petty office on ship-responsible for rigging ropes, anchors, cables, etc. (Only appears in first and last scenes of the play)
Shipmaster person who commands a ship
Mariners sailors

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