The Tempest: character quiz

Prospero The main character of this play. Used to be the legitimate Duke of Milan before his brother stole his title and banished him to a Mediterranean island. Lover of arts and books. Has harnessed the powers of magic while in exile.
Miranda Prospero’s daughter. Attractive and well educated but naive at the tender age of 15. Lived with her father in the island for 12 years. Hasn’t seen a lot of men in her life. Quickly enchants Ferdinand.
Ariel An airy spirit. Serves his master Prospero well in his many tasks of magic. Once enslaved by a witch named Sycorax.
Caliban A strange creature. Half man-half beast. Shakespeare describes him as “a savage and deformed slave.” Hating his master Prospero, only works from him out of fear of Prospero’s magic.
Alonso The King of Naples. Father of Ferdinand. Fears that Ferdinand died in the shipwreck.
Ferdinand The much loved son of the King of Naples. Shipwrecked, but alive, falls instantly in love with Miranda when he first sees her on Prospero’s island.
Sebastian The brother of Alonso, the king of Naples. He plots to kill his king and take his title with the scheming Antonio.
Antonio The brother of Prospero, he took Prospero’s title from him when Prospero trusted him to manage his affairs. Having replaced his brother, he now encourages Sebastian to do the same to his brother, Alonso.
Gonzalo An honest old advisor. Sometimes annoyingly optimistic. Is awoken by Ariel to prevent Alonso’s death.
Stephano A drunken butler who survived the shipwreck. Mistook people under a blanket for a monster. Fools Caliban into believing he is a god.
Trinculo A jester involved in the plot with Stephano and Caliban. Hid under Caliban’s blanket when he feared a storm was coming.
Brothers Prospero and Antonio are ________
Father and Daughter Prospero and Miranda are _______
Brothers King Alonso and Sebastian are _______
Father and Son Alonso and Ferdinand are ______