The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Heavens, cherubin, god, mighty, PROSPERO describing Miranda. Family, love, religion, white magic,
All the charms of Sycorax-toads, beetles, bats Caliban cursing Prospero. Magic, family, black and white magic
Thou teach me how to name the bigger light Caliban to Prospero and Miranda. Colonialism, trust, trickery, renaissance, context, freewill,
This island mine, by Sycorax my mother Caliban about island. Colonialism, relationships, freewill, power, family, freedom
I shall laugh myself to death at this puppy headed monster Trinculo about Caliban. Appearance vs. reality, nature vs nurture
I cry to dream again Caliban. Dreams, appearance vs reality. freedom.
Got by the devil himself Prospero about Caliban. Magic, sin, religion, renaussance, promethean characters.
Slave, vile race, fish, tortoise, beast Prospero about Caliban. Nature vs.nurture, colonialism.
Had i been any god of power, I should’ve sunk the sea Miranda. Women, power, renaissance, religion
Had I not four or five women once that tended me? Miranda on the past. Women, patriarchy, relationships betweem father and daughter, context, past and present, appearance vs.reality
Mine would sir, were I human Ariel on humanity. love/relationships, humanity, conscience, slaves/servants
But there’s more work Prospero to Ariel. trickery, relationships, power, servant/master
I am your wife, if you will marry me Miranda to Ferdinand. Renaissance, patriarchy, women, promethean characters
The wills above Gonzalo about Prospero’s magic. Religion, appearance vs. reality, magic
Art Prospero magic is described by many characters as -. Magic, power, renaissance, art
With the help of your good hands Prosper to audience. freewill, appearance vs.reality, theatre, context, art and creators and playwrights
the isle is full of noises, sounds and sweet airs Caliban about the island. relationships, colonialism, freedom, love, magic, dreams, appearance vs. reality
obey and be attentive. be collected Prosper to Miranda using imperatives. chain of being, family, women, patriarchy, power
My foot, my tutor Prospero about Miranda. Family, love, women and men, chain of being, patriarchy, renaissance
Acquisition, worthily purchased Proposer about Miranda and Ferdinand’s relationship. Merchandisal imagery, women, context, values, family, chain of being
What trouble I was then to you Miranda to Prospero. women, chain of being, patriarchy, appearance vs. reality
A born devil, on who’s nature can never stick Prospero about Caliban. nature vs. nurture, sin, renaissance, religion
Good wombs have born bad sons Miranda. Nature vs. nurture, women, sin
The strength i have is mine own Prospero. power, renaissance, magic, patriarchy
take leave of him Sebastian ABOUT ALONSO. fAMILY, appearance vs. reality, betrayal, usurpation, context, machiavellian theory in action
We are such stuff as dreams are made of Prosper. Appearance vs. reality, renaissance, magic, dreams
What an…ass was i…to worship this dull fool Caliban on the drunk butler. Appearance vs. reality, servants and slaves, religion, insecurity
Expelled remorse and nature Prosper about his brother Antonio. Family, nature vs. nurture, conscience, higher and baser instincts
thou didn’t prevent me- i had peopled else this isle with Calibans Caliban on raping Miranda. Nature vs. Nurture, freewill, higher and baser instincts
My daughter, who art ignorant Prospero about Miranda. Women, freewill, men, power, education, modern muslim AO3ii
Mine unworthiness Miranda. women, patriarchy, chain of being aristotle, power, context
I dare not offer what i desire to give Miranda on virginity. women, sexuality, power, renaissance women
by my modesty, the jewel in my dower Miranda on her virginity. Women, virginity, context, chain of being, patriarchy
savages and men of Ind Stephano. colonisation, renaissance, travel, context
whom to call brother would infect my mouth, i do forgive thee Prospero to Antonio. Family, betrayal, forgiveness, redemption, machiavellian theory
virtue than in vengeance Prospero. forgiveness, virtue, family, machiavellian theory
to have my pardon, trim it hansomly Prospero to Caliban. forgiveness, redemption, christian teachings, family.
shall never melt mine honour into lust Ferdinand about Miranda’s virginity
drown my book what Prospero says he’ll do to his book
neglecting all worldly ends how Prospero is described to why he left his dukedom
rapt in secret studies what Prospero was described to have been busy doing, and why he’s on the island
my dear ariel Prospero to ariel. Fond, family like. Servant/master. relationships, power, freedom
you taught me language and…i know to curse caliban about the benefit of colonialism
bottle in the pool Stephano and trinculo about losing their alcohol
VICE FIGURES what could trinculo and stephano be seen as in relation to tempest as a morality play?
both VICE and VIRTUOUS FIGURE- brings out good and bad in prospero What could ariel be in relation to morality and why
They speak in verse How are caliban and prospero similar
I must obey Caliban about prospero