The Tempest Acts 1-2 Test

What was Shakespears collection of works called that was released in 1623 The 1st Folio
Harold Bloom discovered how many compositers 3
What does Gonzalo say about the ship and Boatswain He thinks that the ship won’t wreck because this man has the face of someone who will end up being hung.
What do the characters speak in in Act 1 scene 1 They speak in pros to denote their low social status
In Act 2 scene 2, what do the characters speak in iambic pentameter
What story does Prospero tell Miranda in the begining of Act 1 scene 2 He tells the story of how they got to the island. They have been on the island for 12 years and Miranda is now 15. Prospero was banished when Miranda was 3.
What does Prospero keep asking Miranda throughout the story If she is listening
What did Prospero do to get himself banned He began studing magic and he left his brother Antonio to do all the work
Why was Prospero unrightly mad at Antonio He was mad because Antonio began to act like the duke becuase Prospero was doing magic all day. So Antonio banned Prospero from Milan.
Who has an allience with Antonio and is enimies with Prospero Alonso the King of Napels
Who gave Prospero supplies on the island Gonzalo
WHat spell does Prospero put on Miranda after his big speech He makes her fall asleep
What did Ariel do to the shipwrecked people and what did their clothes look like She caused havoc but made sure all of them got to shore safely, their clothes weren’t wet or tattered because of magic
What does Ferdinand think happened to his father He thinks he is dead
Who was Ariels old master and what did she do to Ariel Sycorax put Ariel in a tree prison for 12 years because Ariel disobeyed her
What did Prospero do to Ariel 12 years ago He freed her from the tree and now she must do his bidding
What happened to Sycorax in Africa She did evil things and was SUPPOSED to face the death penalty
What did Sycorax do to avoid death She got pregnant with the devil and was instead shipped off to the island
Who is Sycoraxs son Caliban, an ugly, partially human creature
What does Prospero threaten to do to Ariel if she disobeys him She will be put back in the tree prison
How can Ariel be freed of Prospero After 2 days if she does his bidding, she will be set free
How did Miranda help Caliban She taught him how to speak, which is why he speaks in iambic pentameter
What did Caliban do to Miranda He raped her and tried to make more children, but Prospero protected her
What is Calibans current state He is a prisoner of Prospero
Who does Miranda meet and fall in love with Ferdinand, the kings son
Why does Prospero magically freeze and mess with Ferdinand He wants to make Ferdinand work for Miranda/ win over her love
Why does Prospero want Miranda to evetually marry Ferdinand He is the price of Naples, which would make Miranda a princess then queen, and Prospero wants to be in power again
What is wrong with Alonso in the beginning of act 2 scene 1 He is depressed because he thinks that his son is dead, and he will probably never see his daughter again
Where was the ship taking them It was taking them home to Naples back from ALonsos daughters wedding to King Tunis in Africa
What do Antonio and Sebastian do to Gonzalo They are egging him on and making him look like a fool, they are JERKS
What is Gonzalos main character trait optomism and looking on the bright side
Franciso, a lord, thinks what about Ferdinand he thinks that Ferdinand is still alive
What does Gonzalo fantasize of He wishes he could be the king of a land with no social classes, no working, and no violence
What does everybody but Sebastian, the the kings brother, and Antonio, Prosperos brother, do They sleep because of Ariel
What does Antonio tell Sebastian to do He says that killing Alonso, his brother king of Naples, would make Sebastian king
What part will Antonio play in all this He will kill Gonzalo so that there are no witnesses
What does Sebastian think is wrong with Antonio He thinks Antonio is asleep
Who does Antonio convince Sebastian is air to Naples Not Claribel, she is in Tunis, so no one is the air
What does Ariel do to the sleeping men she wakes them up so that they won’t be killed
Cliban begins act 2 scene 2 with what type of speech a soliliqy
what is a soliliqy it is where a character breaks the 4th wall and informs the audience of his inner feelings to help the audience understand character motivation and plot
What are the 2 types of clowns THere is a comedi relief clown and a serious clown that tells the hard truth
What does Caliban do when he hears Trinculo coming He hides under his clock on the ground and looks like he was struck by lightening
What does Trinculo do to hide from the storm He goes under Calibans cloak with him
According to Trinculo what does Cliban smell/look like a fish
When Stephano comes in what is his state and who does he see He is DRUNK and he sees Trinculo
What does Stephano want to do with Caliban He wants to sell him to the an emporer
How did Stephano come to shore He came riding on a casket of wine
What does Stephano mean when he says “kiss the book” It means to swear unpon the bible the truth
What do Trinculo, Caliban, and Stephano do at the end of act 2 scene 2 They are all totally drunk and clueless babbling fools