The Tempest: Act Three

What is prospero doing in 3.2? Making Ferdinand suffer before he can get Miranda
Crabbed Morose
Ferdinand’s hyperbole Says he carries logs 1,000 times
What does Miranda tell Ferdinand about him/ his job? She says that such a menial job was never performed by such a noble person
What is wood a metaphor for? Miranda (she says it will weep when burned for burdening Ferdinand)
What standard is Miranda breaking and why? She offers to carry the wood because she doesn’t realize that that would be unacceptable in Venetian society to do labor
What does Ferdinand call Miranda and why “Poor worm, they art infected”–> by calling her a worm, he is identifying her as the agent of his “sickness” (worms were thought to bring illness)/ love
How does Miranda disobey Prospero? Why did Prospero set this rule? The tells Ferdinand her name; maybe Prospero thought that Ferdinand would remember the name and link it to the backstory and mess up Prospero’s plan
What does Miranda’s name mean? To be wondered at
What is Miranda referring to when she talks about her modesty? Purity and innocence
What is a dower A dowry
Can Miranda and Ferdinand see Prospero in 3.1? No ????
what does Miranda say she wants to do if Ferdinand won’t marry her? …She offers to be his slave…
what important event happens in 3.1? Ferdinand and Miranda effectively get married–> their oaths to one another are the ceremony
Is Prospero glad Miranda and Ferdinand got married? Why/ why not? Yes–> he’s a matchmaker and is proud of his work
Characters in 3.2 CalibanStephanoTrinculo
What are Trunculo and Stephano trying to be sure of? they want to see if Caliban is drunk enough
What does licking Stephano’s shoe indicate? the extreme servitude Caliban complies with
What does Caliban look like? How are Trinculo and Staphano going to exploit this? half fish, half monster (not human) –> they are preparing to use him as a freak show
What is odd about Trinculo’s actions? he defends Caliban over Stephano, his best friend
Who starts the fight between Trinculo ans Stephano? Ariel (talks in Trinculo’s voice)
Who hears Ariel the secons time she speaks as Trinculo? only Stephano
murrain plague
Conspiracy #2 Caliban wants to kill Prospero–> he gets T and S to go along with it and tells them they can rape Miranda s some kind of incentive
Why does Caliban call Miranda a nonpereil? nonpareil means she can’t be compared to anyone else
Who will be the king between Steph. and Trinc.? Stephano= kingtrinculo and caliban = governors
How do S and T feel about Ariel’s music? it scares them
Who are the characters in 3.3? AlonsoSebastianAntonioGonzaloAdrian, Fransisco, etcWeird shapesHarpie
What does Gonzalo request? to rest b/c be’s old and the winding paths tire him out
How does Alonso use personification in 3.3? line: “He is drowned whom thus we stray to find, and the sea mocks our frustrate search on land. Well, let him go.” –> personifies the sea to show how hopeless the cause of finding his son feels
Why do the shapes bring food to the wanderers? Prospero wants to taunt them with food to jab at them
What do the weird shapes look like? puppets
What is the significance of Ariel’s speech as a harpie? =a metaphor for the conscience–> she’s telling them they should feel guilty and opening up old wounds
With what does Ariel threaten the wanderers? a slow destruction/ “lingering perdition”
What is Prospero’s mood in the end of 3.3? he’s happy about his actions because now he has power over the royals just like they used to have power over them
About what is Gonzalo worried? he’s afraid of what the “ecstacy” of Alonso’s, Antonio’s, and Sebastian’s guilt might make them do