The Tempest – Act IV and V

What agreement does Prospero make with Miranda and Ferdinand at the start of Act IV of The Tempest? He agrees to let them get married.
What is one of Prospero’s purposes in staging the pageant for Ferdinand and Miranda in Act IV of The Tempest? To underscore his warning that they must remain chaste until they are married.
What is one trick that Ariel says he played on Stephano, Trinculo, and Caliban in Act IV? He lured them into a pool of dirty water and left them there helpless.
What happens when Stephano and Trinculo approach Prospero’s cell in Act IV? They stop and eagerly take gaudy clothing Prospero has put there as bait.
What does Prospero do to punish Trinculo, Stephano, and Caliban at the end of Act IV? He sends dogs and goblins to chase and torment them.
How does Ariel feels at the end of Act IV? He feels loyalty to Prospero.
What is the best way to describe Trinculo and Stephano’s personalities as Shakespeare presents them in Act IV? They are mostly interested in pleasure.
This term means a brief remark delivered by a character in a play to express a private thought. Aside
This term means a figure of speech that uses something closely related to a thing to stand for the thing itself. Metonym
This term means a speech presented by 1 character to express their thoughts (usually meant to be heard by someone else) monologue
This term means a monologue that is presented by a character who is alone onstage. soliloquy
In Act V, to which of the ship’s passengers does Prospero show the greatest kindness? Gonzalo
How does Antonio respond when Prospero accuses him in Act V? Antonio says nothing.
What happens when Trinculo, Stephano, and Caliban are brought before the company in Act V? They are given a scolding.
What news does the Boatswain bring when he appears before Prospero in Act V? He has found that the ship is undamaged.
What realization does Caliban come to by the end of Act V? He realizes that Stephano is a drunken fool.
What is a key aspect of Ariel’s character as Shakespeare describes him in Act V? Ariel understands and shares in the suffering of others.
Which best describes the lesson Prospero learns during the course of The Tempest, as demonstrated by his words and actions in Act V? He learns to forgive old injuries and to put the past behind him.
In Act V, Prospero tells Antonio and Sebastian that he “will tell no tales” about their plot to murder Alonso. What is the most reasonable inference about why he decides to keep silent? Prospero believes it is nobler to forgive them than it would be to condemn them.
As the story of The Tempest comes to its resolution in Act V, which character seems most likely to feel sorry at the way things work out? Prospero, because he loses Miranda and Ariel, the two people whom he loves most.
How does the epilogue found in Act V differ froma typical epilogue? In a typical epilogue, the speaker comments on the conflict and resolution; in The Tempest, the speaker makes an appeal to the audience.
As The Tempest comes to an end in Act V, which best describes the resolution of the story for those characters who have planned and/or carried out evil deeds? The evil characters are forgiven for the wrongs they have done.
In Act V, Ariel sings a song in short rhymed couplets. What is the effect of Shakespeare’s choice to write the song in rhymed couplets? The rhymes make the song stand out from the surrounding blank verse.
This term means two consecutive lines in a poem that rhyme. Couplet