The Tempest Act II, Scene II

Why did Caliban hide under his cloak? He sees Trinculo while he is gathering wood, thinks he is a spirit and attempts to hide from him.
Why did Trinculo decide to hide under the cloak? He is frightened by the storm and is also interested in Caliban; he thinks he could bring him to England to be in a freak show.
Why did Caliban think Trinculo was a spirit? Caliban is often tormented by Prospero’s spirits while he works and is thinking about them when he sees Trinculo. He also was not expecting to see anyone else on the isolated island.
Why did Stephano give the “monster” alcohol? Stephano gives the monster alcohol because he thinks it has a fever.
Why does Caliban think that Stephano is a god? Caliban thinks Stephano is a god after he is given alcohol.