The Tempest: Act 3, Scene TWO — p6

When the butt runs out Stephano exclaims they will stop drinking when…? (ZS)
Ariel Who keeps calling Caliban a liar? (ZS)
That Prospero cheated Caliban off the island What does Caliban say about Prospero? (ZS)
Because Ariel is invisible. Why do Stephano and Caliban think that it is Trinculo calling Caliban a liar? (DD)
Ariel does. Who is calling Caliban a liar? (DD)
To get Trinculo in trouble Why does Arial keep yelling liar? (TW)
Prospero Who do the spirits hate? (TW)
Stephano Who does Caliban serve now? (TW)
Servant monster What do Stephano and Trinculo call Caliban? (ST)
Stephano Who does Caliban serve? (ST)
To kill Prospero What kind of plot do Caliban and Stephano make? (EL)
Taking Prospero’s magic books When Caliban plots against Prospero, what does he say is the key to beating him (SC)
Trinculo Whose voice does Ariel act as (SC)
He (invisibly) speaks as Trinculo to Stephano and Caliban How does Ariel cause trouble for Trinculo? (ST)
Stephano says he will kill Prospero and marry Miranda What does Stephano say he will do for Caliban? (MF)
Servant Monster What does Stephano call Caliban (SC)
He believes that Trinculo won’t stop saying “Thou liest” even after he told him to stop. Why does Stephano strike Trinculo? (MF)
The song What do they think will lead them to Prospero (MH)
He wants his freedom away from him and his daughter. Why is Caliban so eager to kill Prospero? (GH)
Kill Prospero What does Caliban want Stephano to do? (MH)
Trinculo mocks him Why does Caliban hate Trinculo? (EL)
The music. What do the men follow at the end of the scene? (GH)
Ariel is invisible and speaking as Trinculo Why does Stephano think that Trinculo is calling Caliban a liar when Trinculo isn’t saying anything at all? (GG)
Make her his queen What does Stephano plan to do with Miranda after killing Prospero? (GG)
Caliban thought Tinculo said “he liest”, but it was actually Ariel. why does caliban get mad at trinculo? (BG)
He wants her to be his queen What is Prospero’s plan with Miranda? (BG)
they’re drunk What is one of the reasons that Caliban, Trinculo, and Stephano are fighting? (BG)
Trinculio Who does Caliban think is saying “thou liest” (MH)
KILL him What does Caliban suggest Stephano do to Prospero? (GG)
He wants the audience/ reader to know that Prospero will find out about their plan. Why does Ariel say out loud he will tell his master about Caliban’s and Stephano’s plan? (NP)
He calls him this after he believes that Trinculo called him a lier, when really it was Ariel? Why does Caliban call Trinculo a “Jesting Monkey”? (NP)
Ariel makes them believe that Trinculo is calling Caliban a lier Why does Caliban and Stephano get upset with Trinculo? (MF)
servant monster What does Stephano call Caliban? (GB)
They’ll drink water, but not a drop before. What does Ferdinand say him and the “two headed monster” will do when the wine is done? (GH)
Ariel Who mimics Trinculo’s voice? (GB)
Prospero owns him, so Caliban wants to kill him so that he will become free. Why does Caliban want to kill Prospero? (NP)
Yes, Ariel says it will make his master happy. Is making Caliban mad and hateful towards Trinculo apart of Prospero’s plan? (DD)
Ariel is invisible Why does Caliban think Trinculo is talking to him? (EL)
“thou liest!” What does Arial whisper to trick Caliban and Stefano? (BP)
He wants Miranda What does Stefano want out of their Caliban’s plan? (BP)
Kill him What do Caliban, Trinculo, and Stefano say they will do to Prospero? (BP)
Trinculo is not valiant Why will Caliban not serve Trinculo? (CS)
He hits him What does Stephano do when he thinks Trinculo said he lied? (CS)
That her beauty is without equal What does Caliban say about Miranda? (CS)
To drink more wine What does Stephano repeatedly order Caliban to do? (HS)
“Thou liest” What does Arial continue to say while invisible? (HS)
He says in line 128 to 132- “Sounds and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not….. Why does Caliban often cry after waking up from a nap? (KH)
Stab Prospero in the stomach, smash and bash Prospero’s skull, and cut Prospero’s wind pipe. What was one of the task Caliban told Stephano to do for punishment? (KH)
All of Prospero’s powers comes from it. According to Caliban why did he tell Stephano and Trinculo to destroy the book? (KH)
Trinculo. Who does Caliban believe stated he was lying about being cheated of the island by a sorcerer? (BN)
Ariel says he will tell his master. What is Ariel going to do after overhearing Caliban, Trinculo, & Stephano? (BN)
Yes. Does Caliban want Prospero to die? (BN)
to be free from Prespero Why did Caliban become Stephano’s servant? (GB)
Freedom from Prospero What did Caliban hope to gain by becoming Stephano’s servant? (KG)
“Thou liest.” What does everyone blame Trinculo for saying when it was really Ariel? (KS)
By taking advantage of him being drunk and telling him about how beautiful Miranda is. How does Caliban convince Stephano to kill Prospero? (KS)
He dislikes him; he wants him to be punished/tortured. How does Caliban feel about Trinculo? (KS)
They believe there’s only five people on the island. What does Trinculo mean when he says “‘They say there’s but five upon this isle'”? (KG)
They both want freedom What do Ariel and Caliban have in common? (KG)