The Tempest Act 3

Why does Ferdinand have a positive attitude about carrying logs? Although it is an “odious” task, Ferdinand feels he is carrying logs for Miranda which makes the job a pleasure.
How does Miranda feel about Ferdinand’s hard labor of carrying logs? Miranda is anxious about Ferdinand’s condition and pleads with him to sit down and rest for a while.
What does Miranda offer to do for Ferdinand? Miranda offers to carry Ferdinand’s logs for a time.
How does Ferdinand respond to Miranda’s offer? Ferdinand says he would rather break his back than subject Miranda to such dishonor.
How does Miranda compare to other women Ferdinand has known? Miranda represents all the best virtues of all the women rolled into one.
Why does Ferdinand call himself the king? Ferdinand calls himself the king because he thinks his father is dead, and he is next in line as heir to the throne.
Who proposes marriage in this scene? Miranda asks Ferdinand to marry her, and she will be his wife.
What will Miranda do if Ferdinand does not want her for his wife? Miranda will be Ferdinand’s maid or servant if she cannot be his wife.
How does Prospero feel about his daughter’s marriage to Ferdinand? Prospero has designed the match, and he is happy that everything is going according to his plan.
Why is Caliban unable to walk in the beginning of this scene? Caliban is too drunk to walk.
What is Caliban’s proposal to Stephano and Trinculo? Caliban suggests that they murder Prospero and take over the island.
Who does Caliban suggest as king of the island? What position will Caliban hold? Caliban suggests that Stephano be the king of the island and Caliban will be his servant.
What is Ariel’s purpose for mimicking Trinculo’s voice? Ariel’s purpose for mimicking Trinculo is to set the characters against each other.
Why does Stephano beat Trinculo? Stephano thinks Trinculo is mocking Caliban by calling him a liar.
What is the first thing the conspirators intent to do when they reach Prospero’s cell? The first thing the conspirators will do at Prospero’s cell is seize his books.
Why are Prospero’s books important to conspiracy? Without his books Prospero has no magical powers.
Who notices that Stephano and Trinculo cannot get the tune of the song? Caliban notices that they are singing the wrong tune.
Who is afraid of the mysterious music of Ariel’s tabor and pipe? Stephano and Trinculo are afraid of Ariel’s music.
How does the music affect the three characters by the end of the scene? The music mesmerizes them, and they follow it.
Why does the royal party stop rest during their search for Ferdinand? Gonzalo, the oldest, suffers from exhaustion, and Alonso feels tired and discouraged in his hopeless search for his son.
What do Sebastian and Antonio plan to do that right? Sebastian and Antonio are conspiring to kill the king and Gonzalo that same night.
What do Ariel’s spirits bring onto the stage? banquet
What does Ariel do when he arrives on stage? Ariel, in the guise of a harpy, covers the table with his wings and the banquet vanishes.
Who does Ariel address in his speech? The “three men of sin” (Alonso, Sebastian, and Antonio)
What does Ariel warn them about in his speech? Ariel warns them that if they do not repent their sins against Prospero, their doom is certain.
What does Ariel mean by “heart’s sorrow?” There “is nothing but heart’s sorrow” means there is no other way except repentance.
What is meant when Ariel refers to “a clear life ensuing?” A “clear life” is a sinless life which should follow repentance.
In what condition are the three men when Prospero leaves them? Prospero leaves the three men in their fits of madness.
What does Alonso intend to do by the end of this scene? Alonso intends to commit suicide by joining his son at the bottom of the sea.