The Tempest Act 1 and 2

England in the 1500s Where was Shakespeare born?
Spelling was not yet standardized Why was his name spelled in many different ways?
Shakespeare’s nickname The Bard
Early Modern English, began 200 years before Shakespeare What type of English did Shakespeare write in?
He wrote in post vowel change What type of vowels did he use?
Globe built in 1599 by the Lord Chamberlain’s MenShakespeare was the main investor. The Globe Theatre
Burnt down in 1613 when a cannon misfired Why did the Globe Theatre burn down?
They introduced horror, the supernatural, and gore What did Elizabethan writers introduce?
The tempest is a storm. Act 1 Scene 1 shows the “tempest” of the play’s title.
Many people are panicking. How do the different character react to the storm.
Daughter of Prospero Miranda
She pleads for her father to stop the storm. What is Miranda’s reaction to the scene she just witnessed?
Rightful Duke of Milan, the protagonist, spent 12 years on island refining magic to punish and forgive his enemies. Gonzalo tried to help him Prospero
He knows about the storm survivors because he and Ariel are the ones who caused the storm. How does he know that everyone has survived the storm?
Prospero and Miranda were banished off to sea after Prospero became too obsessed with his studies and his brother Antonio, took over the throne. How did Prospero and Miranda come to be on the island?
a spirit, servant to Prospero Ariel
He should obey Prospero because he is his servant. If he does what Prospero says then he will gain his freedom. Why should Ariel be grateful to Prospero, and just to do what he’s told?
Witch exiled to island and mother of Caliban Who was Sycorax?
Both Sycorax and Prospero have been banished; Prospero from Milan and Sycorax from Argier. Describe the parallels between Sycorax’s story and Prospero’s.
A savage and deformed slave, an inhabitant of the island, servant to Prospero, half witch, half devil Who is Caliban?
Caliban attempted to rape Miranda. What event led Prospero to start treating Caliban as his slave?
Prosper taught Caliban to speak. Who taught Caliban to speak?
He uses it to curse Prospero. How does Caliban tend to use language?
She has only seen 2 men in her entire life so she can’t believe her eyes when she sees someone on the island. Why does Miranda think that Ferdinand might be a spirit?
Gonzalo tries to convince Alonso to not be upset over the death of the sailors. Alonso is deeply affected and cares about the lost sailors. What advice does Gonzalo give Alonso?
King of Naples Alonso
An honest old counselor Gonzalo
Prospero’s brother, the usurping Duke of Milan Antonio
Alonso’s brother Sebastian
A honest man who has an optimistic attitude Gonzalo’s personality
Cunning man who stole his brother’s throne Antonio’s personality
Cruel and sarcastic brother of Alonso who he plots to kill. Sebastian’s personality
Kind hearted king who grieves the loss of his son Ferdinand whom he assumes drowned in the shipwreck. Alonso’s personality
In this society, he would be king. There would be no commerce or law and no servant class. No one would grow food, and no one would work. Nature would simply create all that men needed. This vision reveals that Gonzalo, too, has some concerns about authority and privilege. In Gonzalo’s vision, there would be no inherited wealth, and land would not be enclosed. Thus, there would be no aristocracy and no country estates. Gonzalo wants the authority that Alonso holds since Gonzalo would be king in this visionary world. Contradictory Gonzalo describes his perfect society. What does it include and exclude?
Antonio plots to kill Alonso with Sebastian so that Sebastian can seize the throne. What does Antonio plot with Sebastian? Why does he do this?
Ariel awakens Gonzalo from sleeping and Gonzalo shouts, “Preserve the King” which wakes up Alonso preventing Sebastian and Antonio from killing him. How does Ariel save the day at the end of the scene?
He thinks he has found a monster with 2 heads and 4 legs. What does Trinculo think he has found when he runs across Caliban’s cloak with four legs protruding?
Caliban considers it a celestial liquor and wants to worship Stephano. How does Stephano’s wine affect Caliban?
Caliban promises to be their subject and show them the island What promises does Caliban make to Trinculo and Stephano?
He will be free and shows his new god around What is the central idea in Caliban’s song
Trinculo is very suspicious of Caliban by his behavior and appearence. What does Trinculo think about Caliban’s worship of Stephano as his god?
Claribel Alonso’s daughter