The Tempest

Prospero most often describes Gonzalo as honest
In Act I, the mariners decide to abandon ship because they were under a spell
Ferdinand initially falls in love with Miranda due to Ariel’s enchantment
Much of Prospero’s hope for power depends upon Miranda’s hopes for marriage
In Act V, Prospero primarily blames whom for the crimes against him Alonso
According to Prospero, where did the King’s ship land after the tempest Bermuda
Who says the famous quote “O brave new world/ that has such people in’t” Miranda
Which of these things does Caliban NOT promise to Stephano magical powers, via Ariel
In Act I, Prospero ascribes the loss of his dukedom to His negligence as a ruler
Alonso finds out that Prospero is still alive because Prospero appears before him
Which of the following is NOT a major theme of The Tempest rebirth through love
What motif does the scene between Caliban, Trinculo and Stephano and their assassination plan reflect? (from Act 3, Scene 2) The tempest motif
What is Caliban happiest about after he meets Trinculo and Stephano? That he is free from Prospero
How does Antonio convince Sebastian to go along with the plan in Act II, Scene I? (from Act 2, Scene 1) He explains how much he benefited from taking Prospero’s throne
When Act II, Scene II opens, what is Caliban doing? (from Act 2, Scene 2) cursing Prospero
What does Alonso wonder about when he sees that Trinculo, Stephano and Caliban are intoxicated? (from Act 5, Scene 1, Part 2) Where they procured the wine.
In the false banquet scene, Gonzalo catches on to Antonio’s and Sebastian’s plan but identifies the wrong motivation for it. What does he believe their motivation to be? (from Act 3, Scene 3) guilt for past deeds
Who else does Prospero ask Ariel to bring back in Act V, Scene I? no one
What does Prospero tease Stephano about at the end of the play? (from Act 5, Scene 1, Part 2) wanting to be king
How long ago was Antonio’s usurpation of Prospero’s throne in Milan? (from Act 2, Scene 1) 15 years
Why is Gonzalo’s comments about the dancing nymphs important during the banquet scene? (from Act 3, Scene 3) They illuminate the contrasting characteristics of Antonio and Sebastian
Why does Ariel leave Antonio and Sebastian awake? Prospero meant for them to be awake
What do we see Miranda and Ferdinand doing in the play’s final scene? playing chess
What do Prospero and Ariel set out as bait for Caliban, Trinculo, and Stephano? glistening apparel
What does Caliban say must be done before Prospero can be killed? his book must be seized
Where does Ariel put the mariners and Boatswain after the tempest? asleep in the ship in the habor
What does Prospero intend to “drown” after he has reconciled with his enemies? His magic garments
We are told that one of the following characters has visited England. Which one? Trinculo