The Tempest

The play begins with a storm sinking a ship. Who caused the storm? Prospero
Imediately before Prospero tells Miranda the truth of his past, he asks her to remove something. What is it? A magic garment (cloak)
How many people does Prospero claim were killed in the shipwreck that upset his daughter Miranda? None
How old was Miranda when she was imprisoned with her father? Not yet 3
What does Miranda remember about life before she was imprisoned? 4 or 5 women that used to attend to her
Before being imprisoned, what was Prospero’s former position in life? Duke of Millan
Who is Miranda’s Uncle? Antonio
Prospero claims he was interested in studying the liberal arts, so he left control of his estate to who? Antonio
After having been left in control of his brother’s estate, what position did Antonio begin to assume that he had? Duke
What does Prospero claim was “dukedome” for him? His library
To whom did Antonio make the dukedom of Millan subserviant to? Naples
Why were Prospero and Miranda able to escape with there lives when the King of Naples attacked? Prospero had the love of his citizens
Which Millan Nobelman aided Prospero and Miranda in their escape? Gonzalo
What did Gonzalo give to Prospero the night that he fled Millan? Food, water, clothes, linens and books
Who is Ariel A spirit
What does Ariel liken Ferdinand’s hair to while the ship was sinking? Reeds
What has Prospero promised Ariel? Freedom
Where was Sycorax born? Algiers
Who imprisoned Ariel in a cloven pine? Sycorax
What is the name of Sycorax’s son? Caliban
How long was Ariel imprisoned? Twelve years
Prospero tells Ariel that if he doesn’t complain about orders, he will be free in how long? Two Days
What shape does Prospero tell Ariel to take on? Sea Nymph (Nymph of the Sea)
Who taught Caliban to speak? Miranda
Ariel (while invisible) follows who while playing music? Ferdinand
Ferdinand is prince of which nation? Napels
How many men had miranda met before meeting Ferdinand? 2
After the shipwreck, one character tries to cheer up Alanso. Who is it? Gonzalo
After the shipwreck, two characters mock Gonzalo for his optimistic attitude. Who are they? Sebastian and Antonio
What event was the ship comming home from? The Wedding of Claribel and the king of Tunis in Africa
Gonzalo mistakenly identifies Tunis as what ancient civilization? Carthage
Who is Claribel? Alanso’s daughter
Who is Alanso? King of Naples
What meal does Sebastion Compare Gonzalo’s kind words to the king to? Cold Porridge
Who do Sebastion and Antonio Plot to kill Gonzalo
What does Gonzalo claim he heard that awoke him before he could be killed? A humming
Trinculo claims that Caliban smells like what animal? Fish
What does Trinculo hid under to avoid a storm? Gaberdine
After finding Stefano, how many men from Naples does Trinculo believe to have survived? 2
What does Stefano give Caliban that leads Caliban to pledge to be his “true servant”? Alcohol
Where does Stefano hid his wine? In a rock (cave)
Where does Stefano convince Caliban he was from? The moon
According to Ferdinand, how many times nicer is Miranda then Prospero is crabbed? 10
What is Ferdinand’s estimate of when he will finish with the work Prospero assigned him? Sunset
Miranda disobeys her father by telling Ferdinand what fact about herself? Her name
According to Ferdinand, what does Miranda mean? Admired
Which character refers to Caliban as servant-monster? Stephano
How far does Stephano claim he swam to reach the shore? 35 leagues
To what position does Stephano name Caliban? Lieutenant
After drinking Stephano’s alcohol, who does Caliban claim he will never serve? Trinculo
What honorific does Caliban use to refer to Stephano? Lord
Before the banquet, who causes it to disappear? Ariel
Who is unable to see Ariel when he appears as a harpy to scare the party from Naples Ganzalo
What spirits does Prospero summon when he wants to bless Ferdinand and Miranda’s wedding Iris, Ceres, and Juno
What distracts Trinculo and Stephano on their way to kill Prospero? Fancy Clothes
What shapes do the spirits take to scare Trinculo, Caliban, and Stephano? Dogs
Who is Sebastian? Alanso’s brother
Who is Stephano? Alanso’s butler
Who gives the show’s epilogue? Prospero
What type of tree was ariel imprisoned in? A cloven pine
Who is Prospero’s brother? Antonio
Who is Antonio’s brother? Prospero
Who is Antonio’s niece? Miranda
Who helped Prospero and Miranda when they left Milan? Gonzalo
Who has been on the island for 12 years? Miranda and Prospero
Prospero was the duke of where? Milan
Who is a former Duke of Milan? Prospero
Where is Gonzalo from? Naples
Who is the King of Naples son? Ferdinand
How long did Prospero originally say he would keep Ariel? 1 year
How much longer does Prospero now say he will keep Ariel? 2 days
From where is Sycorax? Algiers
Who in the play is from Algiers? Sycorax
Who says: “I was the man in the moon”? Stephano
Who keeps Sebastian and Antonio from killing Alonso and Gonzalo? Ariel
At what time does Ariel remind Prospero they should finish their job? 6 o’clock
What game do Miranda and Ferdinand play in the cell? Chess
Who says “Fated to the purpose, did Antonio open The gates of Milan; and, i’the dead of darkness, The ministers for the purpose hurried hence Me and thy crying self”? Prospero
Caliban is whose son? Sycorax
Where is the ship with the King of Naples coming from? Tunis
The ship headed for the island has which important man on board? King of Naples
To whom is Claribel married? King of Tunis
Who has married the King of Tunis? Claribel
Who says “I’ll kiss thy foot; I’ll swear myself thy subject!”? Caliban
Caliban says “I’ll kiss thy foot; I’ll swear myself thy subject” to whom? Stephano
Who does Caliban believe Stephano to be? Man in the moon
Who does Caliban believe is the man in the moon? Stephano
Who draws his sword in an attempt to kill Gonzalo? Antonio
Antonio draws his sword in an attempt to kill whom? Gonzalo
Who says: “We are such stuff as dreams are made on”? Prospero
Who says “Look thou be true, do not give dalliance too much the rein; the strongest oaths are straw to fire i’the blood”? Prospero
Prospero says “Look thou be true, do not give dalliance too much the rein; the strongest oaths are straw to fire i’the blood” to whom? Miranda and Ferdinand
What shape do the spirits take when they attack Trinculo and Stephano at the wardrobe? Dogs
The shapes of dogs are taken by whom when they attack Trinculo and Stephano at the wardrobe? Spirits
Who says “On the sixth hour; at which time, my lord, You said our work should cease”? Ariel
Ariel says “On the sixth hour; at which time, my lord, You said our work should cease” to whom? Prospero
Who says “The good old lord, Gonzalo’; His tears run down his beard, like winter’s drops From eaves of reeds”? Ariel
Ariel says “The good old lord, Gonzalo’; His tears run down his beard, like winter’s drops From eaves of reeds” to whom? Prospero
With whom did Antonio plot to overthrow Prospero? Alonso
Who is Sycorax’s son? Caliban
Who is Caliban’s mother? Sycorax
How many years did Prospero threaten to hold Ariel? 12
How much longer does Prospero say he may only keep Ariel? 2 days
Who is Sebastian’s brother? Alonso
Who does Caliban believe is one of Prospero’s spirits? Stephano
Who plays the music that frightens Stephano and Trinculo? Ariel
What form does Ariel take when making himself seen to the shipwrecked crew? Harpy
What do the spirits hang on the line to catch Caliban’s crew? Fancy garments, sparkling clothing
Whom does Ariel say cried tears streaming down his beard? Gonzalo
How many years prior to the play was Prospero the duke of Milan? 12
Who did Prospero rescue Ariel from? Sycorax
Name the witch who held Ariel captive Sycorax
Who rescues Ariel from Sycorax? Prospero
To where do the rest of the fleet Ariel brought in escape? The Mediterranean
Whom does Antonio speak with about getting rid of Alonso? Sebastian
Whom does Antonio plot with Sebastian to kill? Alonso
Who overhears Caliban plotting with Stephano to kill Prospero? Ariel
Who says: “Honest lord, Thou hast said well, for some of you there present are worse than devils.”? Prospero
Whose light does Prospero say will shine for Ferdinand and Miranda? Hymen
How long has the crew been beached? 3 hours
What does Caliban call cramps? Pinching
Who is the King of Naples? Alonzo
Of what land is Alonzo King? Naples
How old is Miranda now? 15
What color were Sycorax’s eyes? Blue
Who is supposing the king is dead? The mariners
What did Prospero make Caliban? a servant
How long did Sycorax have Ariel? 12 years
What does Prospero say he will give Ferdinand to drink? Sea water
Where does Trinculo say Caliban’s eyes should be if he was brave? In his tail
What does Trinculo think Caliban is? A fish
What does Trinculo crawl under that Caliban wore? A gabardine
How many trees does Sebastian say there are in Arabia in Scene 3? 1
What did Alonso say pronounced the name of Prosper? Organ-pipe
What is upon Ferdinand’s heart? White-cold snow
What caused Caliban’s conspirators to prick their ears? Ariel’s music
What does Ariel say the tears running down Gonzalo’s beard are? Drops on eaves of reeds
Who does Alonso think is dead? Ferdinand
Who make green ringlets by moonshine? Demi-puppets
How far does Prospero promise to bury his staff? Fadoms deep (fathoms in modern day)
What is Ariel told to summon from the sea? The king’s ship
What does Prospero say has happened to his daughter? She was lost
What does Caliban fear Prospero will do to him? Chastise him
How long has Ariel served Prospero? 1 year
Who does Miranda fall in love with? Ferdinand
Who is Ferdinand? Prince of Naples
Who is Alonso’s brother? Sebastian
Who does Caliban believe Trinculo is? A spirit
How does Trinculo say he swam ashore? Like a duck
Through whom does Ariel taunt Caliban? Trinculo
Who does Ferdinand think is dead? Alonso
Who is Ferdinand’s sister? Claribel
Who says the ship is repaired? The boatswains
How does the play open? In a storm
Who causes the storm? Prospero
Who causes the second storm? Ariel
Who was Ariel in service to prior to Prospero? Sycorax
What was Sycorax? A witch
What does Trinculo say Caliban smells like? Fish
Where is Claribel? Tunis
What does Trinculo call Caliban? A monster
Where does the play open? On a ship
Why does Trinculo crawl under Caliban’s garments? A storm is coming
What do Ferdinand and Miranda plan to do? Get married
Does Prospero stay on the island? No
Who complains and worries over the storm? Miranda
What does Prospero explain he once was? Duke of Milan
Who steals Prospero’s title and estate? Antonio
Who is Ariel? Prospero’s servant
What does Ariel ask from Prospero? His freedom
What does Caliban say is the profit of his learning to speak? He can curse
How does Ariel lure Ferdinand? With Song and Music
Why does Prospero bring Ferdinand to the island? So he falls in love with Miranda
What does Antonio say of Gonzalo’s pocket? If it spoke it would lie
Who tells Alonso that his son Ferdinand survived? Francisco
Who teams up with Antonio to try to seize the Crown? Sebastian
Whom does Claribel marry? King of Tunis
What does Caliban do for Prospero? Carry wood
What kind of condition is Stephano when he enters the play? He is Drunk
What 2 characters does Stephano mistake as a 2 headed monster? Trinculo and Caliban
What does Trinculo claim to be able to swim like? A duck
Whom does Stephano blame and hit when Ariel is speaking for him? Trinculo
In his drunkenness, whom does Caliban declare himself a servant of? Stephano
What does Ariel do to the swords of the king and Company? Make them too heavy to carry
What woman does Prospero first summon for Ferdinand and Miranda? Iris
What does Prospero vow to do at the end of the play? Give up magic
How long have Prospero and Miranda been on the island? 12 years
With whom does Antonio ally himself? Alonso (the King of Naples)
What 3 things did Gonzalo give Prospero and Miranda? books, food, and water
At what time of day was Prospero led from Milan? midnight
What does Prospero threaten to give Caliban? Cramps
What made Prospero especially mad at Caliban? he tried to rape Miranda
Where was the Widow Dido from? Carthage
Who is heir to Naples after Ferdinand? Claribel
How far is Tunis from Naples? 10 leagues
What is Caliban wearing? gabardine
How much will people in England pay to see a dead Indian? 10 silver
How long does Miranda say Ferdinand can rest? 3 hours
What does Caliban say Trinculo and Stephano should take from Prospero first? his books
Who are “three men of sin” according to Ariel? Alonso, Antonio, and Sebastian
What did Ariel look like when he spoke to Alonso, Antonio, and Sebastian? a harpy
Who is the “highest queen of state”? Juno
How does Iris know who is coming? by their gait
How long have Alonso and the rest of the people been on the island? 3 hours
Who is Alonso’s butler? Stephano
Who says: “Your tale, sir, would cure deafness,”? Miranda
What is Prospero’s “occupation” in the way of Miranda? Her schoolmaster
Who is the king’s son? Ferdinand
What form does Prospero tell Ariel to take? To be invisible (like nymph of the sea)
Who is the witch who held Ariel? Sycorax
Caliban said, “You taught me language; and profit on’t is, I know__________.” How to curse
To whom is Prospero referring to when he says, “Come on; obey; they nerves are in their infancy? Miranda
Who says: “I think he will carry this island home in his pocket, and give it to his son for an apple? Sebastian
Who is the next heir of Naples? Claribel
Who initiates the wedding proposal between Miranda and Ferdinand? Miranda
Who speaks the epilogue at the end? Prospero
What servant does Prospero set free at the end of the story? Ariel
Who is Sycorax’s god? Setebos
When Ariel exits in Act II Scene 1 who does he leave awake? Antonio and Sebastian
Who is the clown of the story? Trinculo
How has Prospero lost his daughter? she will be married to Ferdinand
Whom does Stephano call a “moon-calf”? Caliban
Who draws his sword in an attempt to kill Alonso? Sebastian
Whom does Sebastian attempt to kill? Alonso
What animals does Sebastian tell Alonso they heard to make him draw? Lions