the merchant of Venice quotes

“I really don’t know why I’m in this mood. It wearies me. You find it tiresome too, you say. I don’t know how I caught it, or found it, or acquired it, or what it’s made of, or what brought it on. I feel so muddled in these moods, I just can’t sort things out.” (pg 21) AntonioExplanation: Antonio is sad and he does not know why he is. He distraught/confused. Salerio and Solanio thinks it might be his ships.
“Honestly, Nerissa, my little body is weary of this great world.” (pg 33) PortiaExplanation: Portia is worried about who her husband will be because she doesn’t have a say of who her husband be.
“I’ll buy from you, sell to you, talk with you, walk with you and so on but I won’t eat with you, or drink with you or pray with you.” (pg 43) ShylockExplanation: Shylock doesn’t want to be friends with Antonio he just wants a deal. Shylock is a Jew and he hates Christians. He is showing his hatred towards them and that he will never convert to Christianity.
“Farewell, gentle Jew! The Hebrew will turn Christian. He’s getting kind.” (pg 53) AntonioExplanation: Antonio is being antisemitic.
“Do not dislike me because of my color. My dark skin is the uniform of those who live under the burning coppery sun. Bring me the handsomest man of the northern hemisphere, born where the sun is barely hot enough to melt icicles, and compare our love by cutting us. That would prove whose blood was reddest his or mine. I tell you, lady: this face of mine has made brave men afraid. But, by my love, I swear the loveliest women of my region have loved it too. I would not change my color, gentle queen, except to win your love.” (pg 55) Prince of MoroccoExplanation: The Prince of Morocco doesn’t want to be judge by the color of his skin, but for the fairness. He is telling Portia that even though he has different color she should look beyond his skin color. He is calling them out because they are anti outsider.
” I’m loathe to go. Something’s not right. I dreamed of moneybags last night.” (pg 79) ShylockExplanation: Shylock tells Jessica to lock the doors because he thinks something bad is going to happen. He feels like something is wrong because he is invited to a Christian’s party and it’s not meant for Jews. He feels like something is not right.
“I’m glad it’s night and you can’t see me. I’m shy about my clothes. But love is blind, and lovers cannot see their foolishness. If they could, Cupid would blush to see me changed into a boy.” (pg 85) JessicaExplanation: Jessica doesn’t want Lorenzo seeing her dress up as a boy because he is embarrassed. She is shy about dressing as a boy in public because she is running away from home. But, she is happy that it’s night so no one will notice her being a boy. But she knows that love will see her through. It’s important because she runs away and takes all of Shylock’s jewels.
” The first, of gold, bears this inscription: “Who chooses me shall gain what many men desire.” The second, of silver, carries this promise: “Who chooses me shall get as much as he deserves.” The third, made of dull lead, has a warning just as blunt: “Who chooses me must give and gamble all he has.” How shall I know if I have chosen the right one?” (pg 89) MoroccoExplanation: He is reading the description of the 3 caskets for which one he will chose. Gold desire; everyone wants her; Portia= gemvaluable…… Sliver deserve; not sure if he is worthy enough of her…… Lead not worth the risk. He chose Gold.
“All that glitters is not gold; Often have you heard that told. Many a man his life has sold Just my outside to behold. Golden tombs do worms enfold. Had you been as wise as bold, Young in limbs, in wisdom old, Your answer would not be enscrolled Fare you well. Your suit is cold. Cold indeed, and labor lost. So farewell heat, and welcome frost. Portia, goodbye! My heart is too grieved for a lengthy farewell. [Bowing] Thus losers depart.” (pg 93) MoroccoExplanation: M orocco chooses the gold casket and when he open it he’s sees a rotting skull and in the eye socket was a manuscript. didn’t look at the full picture. Not everything is what it seems to be. Loser can never love.
“Good riddance! Draw the curtains. May all with his vain disposition choose the same!” (pg 95) Portia Explanation: Portia is happy that Morocco chose the wrong casket. And she hopes the all the other suitors who come will she wrong as well.
“I am a Jew. Hasn’t a Jew got eyes? Hasn’t a Jews got hands, organs, limbs, senses, affections, passions? Isn’t he fed with the same food, hurt by the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer, as a Christian is? If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you do wrong to us, shall we not seek revenge? If a Jew wrongs a Christian, what is his natural response? Revenge. If a Christian wrongs a Jew, what should his penalty be by Christian example? Why, revenge! The villainy you teach me, I will carry out. And I’ll go one better, given half a chance!” (pg 109111) ShylockExplanation: Shylock is comparing that both Christians and Jews has the same similarities between them. As of emotions, body parts, laughing, death, and many more humanity traits. Shylock also mention if someone did something they are going to want revenge.
“Delay a little, do. Pause a day or two before you take the gamble. If you choose wrong, I’ll lose your company. Therefore, wait a while. Something (but it isn’t love) tells me I don’t want to lose you and you know yourself that hatred doesn’t give advice like that! But incase you don’t know me well enough (women can only think their thoughts, not speak out), I’d like to keep you here a month or two before you make your choice. I could tell you how to choose the right one, but I’m under oath not to. If you don’t win me, I’ll never be another’s. If you should fail, you’ll make me wish for something sinful that I had broken my oath and advised you. Shame on your eyes! They have bewitched me and divided me in two. One half of me belongs to you. The other half is yours too. (I ought to say “my own,” but what is mine is yours, so all of me is yours.) Oh, these days owners are often separated from their rights, so though I am yours in one sense, I can’t be in reality. Should this be so, Fortune deserves go to hell for it, not me! [She pauses, embarrassed after this revealing outburst] I’m going on too long, but it’s to slow time down, to draw it out, and stretch it longer to delay the making of your choice.” (pg 115117) PortiaExplanation: Portia wants Bassanio to wait a month or two before he choses the casket because she wants to get to know him. Portia cannot tell him anything about choosing the right casket because of her oath, but she wants to spend time with him. Portia feels some type of connection towards him. Portia wants Bassanio to win because she wants to try and give him advice without breaking her oath.
“You who choose not by the view Take fair chance, and choose quite true: Since this fortune falls to you Be content, seek no new. If you be well pleased with this, And see your fortune as your bliss, Turn to where your lady is, And claim her with a loving kiss.” (pg 123) Bassanio Explanation: Bassanio had chosen the correct casket because he looked at the whole thingnot just the outside of it, which was Lead. The script said that Bassanio won all the fortune and the lady who should claim her with a kiss. Also, that he took a big risk; which is based on the description and not the view of the casket.
“The duke can’t change the course of the law. If we denied the rights of foreigners here in Venice, it would go against our notions of impartial justice. The city has commercial links with people of all nations.” (pg 139) AntonioExplanation: Antonio knows that the duke can’t change the law. If the duke changes the law, then no one will trade with Venice anymore. It would mess up the economy.
“Shylock, everyone thinks – and I think so too – that you only intend to keep up this malice till the last minute. Then it’s thought you’ll show mercy and remorse more strange than this strange apparent cruelty. And whereas you now demand the penalty, which is one pound of this poor merchant’s flesh, you will not only forgo the forfeit, but touched with human gentleness and love, you will forgive part of the original debt, having pity because of the losses that have recently fallen so heavily on him. Such losses would cripple a royal merchant and touch the stoniest bosoms, the hardest hearts even those of stubborn Turks and Tartars men unaccustomed to tender courtesies. [He pauses] We all expect a gentle answer.” (pg 153154) Duke Explanation: People are asking Shylock to have mercy. The Duke is telling Shylock to give mercy… (All Christians are mercy) And he explains to him that he should forgive him and forget the original debt, and have pity of the losses that fell on Antonio. He expected Shylock to act like a gentle Christian.
“Steady now, remember your are debating with the Jew. You might as well stand on the seashore and bid the tide not to reach its usual height or ask the wolf why he has made the ewe cry for its lamb. You might as well forbid the mountain pine trees to sway, or make a noise, when they are buffeted by the winds. Anything equally hard you might as well attempt to do, as try to soften the hardest thing of all – his Jewish heart. Therefore, I beg you make no more objections, try no other ways, but as soon as conveniently possible, let me know the court’s verdict, and let the Jew have his will.” (pg 157) Antonio Explanation: Antonio reminds Bassanio that he is debating with a Jew and to be careful, in this kind of dangerous situation. And that there’s no point of debating with a Jew.
“The pound of flesh which I demand from him was expensive to buy. It’s mine, and I will have it! If you deny it to me, I scorn your laws! The decrees of Venice have no force! I insist on justice.” (pg 159) ShylockExplanation: Shylock is talking to the Duke about how expensive to buy a pound of flesh. And that he wants it now with no excuses. Also that if he denies him, then one one will trade Venice.
“The quality of mercy is not strained. It drops like the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath. It is twice blessed: It blesses him who gives and him who takes. It is mightiest when rendered by the mighty. It is a more important symbol than the king’s crown. His scepter shows the force of earthly power, the symbol of his awe and majesty, the reason kings are held in dread and fear. But mercy is above this sceptered rule. It is enthroned in the hearts of kings. It is an attribute to God himself. Earthly power is nearest to God’s when justice is tempered by mercy. Therefore, Jew, although you claim justice for yourself, consider this. None of us could expect salvation if justice alone prevailed. So we pray for mercy. And in seeking it ourselves, we learn to be merciful to others. I have said all this to qualify the justice of your plea. If you insist on it, then this strict Venetian court has no choice but to pronounce sentence against the merchant there.” (165167) PortiaExplanation: Portia (who is dressed up as Balthazar the lawyer); is explaining mercy to Shylock, so he could be merciful to Antonio and if you want mercy then you’ll get mercy. Christian~Mercy Twice Blessed a. Gives mery b. Receiver of mercy. If you give mercy then it’s a win, win situation.
“That’s impossible. There is no power in Venice that can overrule a lawful decree. It would create a precedent and thereby lead to other irregularities in the state. It cannot be.” (pg 167) PortiaExplanation: Portia (as Balthazar) is saying that there is no power in Venice that can change the of a high official. The law is the law and no one can not break itit would mess everything up.
“Wait a moment. There is something else. This bond [holding up] does not give you one drop of blood. The words expressly are [she reads] “a pound of flesh.” So take your bond. Take your pound of flesh. But if, in cutting it, you shed one drop of christian blood, your lands and goods, under the laws of Venice, will be confiscated to the state of Venice.” (pg 173) Portia Explanation: Portia looks over the bond one last time and sees that the bond never said anything about blood but only a pound of flesh.Shylock notice that this will be hard and decided to says just give me my money and this will be over. Portia found a loophole that if Shylock takes a pound of flesh from Christian blood, he’ll lose his lands, and goods. All of it will go the V enice.
“Wait a moment, Jew. The law has another hold over you. [She consults her lawbook again] It is law that if it is proved against an alien that by direct or indirect means he seeks the life of any citizen, the person against whom he plots is entitled to seize one half of his possessions. The other half goes to the state treasury. The life of the offender is at the duke’s sole discretion. [She closes the book] I say you stand in that predicament. It is obvious from your actions that indirectly, and directly too, you have plotted against the life of the defendant: you are indeed in danger of the death penalty, as I have explained. Down on your knees, therefore, and beg the duke for mercy.” (pg 177) PortiaExplanation: Portia said that if an outsider tries to kill an insider than: one half one half goes to the victim, two the other half goes to the state treasury, and three the Duke chooses if he dies or lives. In other words Portia is saying 1. Antonio gets 1⁄2 of Shylock’s wealth. 2. The other half goes to the state humility find. 3. Duke decides if he lives or dies
“I would be satisfied if his lordship the duke, and the court, were willing to waive the fine which replaced the confiscation of half his fortune, provided I can have the other half in trust during his lifetime. Therefore, I’ll return it to the gentleman who recently eloped with his daughter. Two conditions more. One: in return for this clemency, he shall become a Christian immediately. Two: that he makes a will here in the court, leaving all he possesses at his death to his soninlaw Lorenzo and his daughter.” (pg 179) Antonio Explanation: Antonio is saying 1. Lorenzo inherits Shylock’s money when Shylock dies. 2. Shylock has to convert to Christianity. This is where the Christian takes control of the situation. Shylock had lost whatever control he had
“You press me hard, and therefore I’ll give in. Give me your gloves. I’ll wear them to oblige you. [Bassanio removes them willingly] And, in token of your love, I’ll take this ring from you. [Bassanio withdraws his hand sharply] Don’t draw back your hand. I’ll take no more from you. You surely won’t deny me this?” (pg 181) PortiaExplanation: Portia is testing Bassanio and seeing if he would give up his ring from the Vow he made to her.
“How far the beams of a small candle can travel! So Shines a good deed in a corrupt world.” (pg 195) PortiaExplanation: That the beam of the candle is for Portia and Nervosa could see and how Portia save Antonio’s life. One good deed limits the world it refers back when balthazar (Portia) saving the day.
“I once loaned my body to obtain his happiness. But for the man who has your husband’s ring, I’d have lost my life. Now I’ll venture to be guarantor again, my soul this time as forfeit, that your husband will never again be persuaded to break his faith.” (pg 207) AntonioExplanation: A ntonio tells Portia that I swear my soul to you that Bassanio will be true to you.