The Merchant of Venice Quiz #1

1) Who is the merchant of Venice? Antonio
2) Who needs money to suit Portia? Bassanio
3) Who marries Nerissa? Gratiano
4) Who is Jessica? Who did she fall inlove with? Shylock’s daughter; Lorenzo
5) What is Shylock’s profession? Moneylender, he lends money and charge interest on it
6) How much money does Antonio borrow from Shylock? 3000 ducats
7) If Antonio cannot pay the money back in three months he must give Shylock… A pound of flesh
8) Jessica trades Leah’s (Shylock’s dead wife) ring for what? Who relays the message? A monkey; Tubal
9) What are the three caskets made of? Lead, Silver, Gold
10) In Act 3, Scene 1, Shylock gives his famous speech, “…Hath not a Jew eyes, hath not a Jew hands, organs…” Shylock is asked what is the bond good for. Shylock’s first answer is ….A) “to feed my revenge”B) “to bait fish withal”C) “to make Antonio suffer”D) “to give me pleasure” B) “to bait fish withal”
11) Who is Shylock’s only friend shown in the play? Tubal
12) How many scores (20) of ducats did Jessica spend at one sitting in Genoa? 4
13) Which casket has the inscription “Who chooseth me shall get as much as he deserves”? Silver
14) In Act 3, Scene 1, Shylock says “a diamond gone, cost me two thousand ducats in _______”A) VeniceB) BelmontC) FrankfurtD) Rialto C) Frankfurt
15) Which two men are trying to find out the reason for Antonio’s sadness in the first scene of the play? Solanio and Salerio
16) Which person does Lorenzo use to carry a message to Jessica? Launcelot
17) Where exactly is the scroll that Morocco finds when he opens the casket? in the eye-socket of a skull
18) Who is the Prince of Aragon? Aragon
19) Who is Launcelot’s father? Old Gobbo
20) What was the name of Launcelot’s mother? Margery