The Merchant of Venice Act 4

How does the duke predict Shylock will react in court? (scene 1) He will show pity and be merciful
How does Antonio feel about going into court? (scene 1) He is ready to accept whatever consequences
What does Bassanio offer Shylock to call off the deal? (scene 1) 6,000 ducats
How does Shylock react in court? (scene 1) With no mercy
What does Shylock compare the pound of flesh to? (scene 1) The slaves which Bassanio and Antonio keep, because they own them
What does Portia (Balthazar) first ask of Shylock? (scene 1) To show mercy
How does Shylock first react to Balthazar? (scene 1) He thinks he is wise and honorable
What does Antonio tell Bassanio before being cut? (scene 1) To only be sad he is losing a friend
What does Bassanio respond to Antonio with before he is cut? (scene 1) He has a loving wife, but he is still more important
What does Portia (Balthazar) say to Bassanio rejecting his wife? (scene 1) She wouldn’t be happy if she was there
What does Portia (Balthazar) warn Shylock about cutting a pound of fllesh? (scene 1) He may not spill christian blood, or Venice will take his land and property. If he takes more or less than a pound, he dies
What is Portia (Blathazar’s) final sentence to Shylock? (scene 1) For attempting to kill a Venetian, Antonio gets 1/2 his belongings, and the other 1/2 goes to the state
What 3 things does Antonio ask of Shylock after he is proven guilty? (scene 1) 1. 1/2 his property in trust2. To become a christian3. a will to leave all his property to Lorenzo and Jessica
What do Antonio and Bassanio offer to Balthazar as thanks? (scene 1) The $ they were going to give to Shylock
What does Balthazar ask for instead from Antonio and Bassanio? (scene 1) The ring she gave Bassanio
What does Nerissa ask of Gratiano? (scene 2) To give her his ring as well
What do Nerissa and Portia plan to do with the rings? (scene 2) outsmart their husbands and deny their loyalty