Summary of Twelfth Night Characters

Fool “Feste” He gives advice to Olivia and performs for her to amuse her and make her laugh. He is smart, funny and most of all witty. When serious matters are discussed, he sings in order to lighten the mood.”Many a good hanging prevents a bad marriage; and, for turning away, let summer bear it out.”
Maria Maria is Olivia’s hand maid and acts as her adviser and friend. She is smart and daring in her position.Maria also holds aspirations of rising in rank through marriage and achieves those dreams. “In the wars; and that may you be bold to say in your foolery.”
Viola A woman of aristocratic birth who is disguising herself as a man under aristocratic birth and is washed ashore and decided to cross dress as a man in the court of Duke Orsino. She ends up falling in love with Duke Orsino and then Olivia falls in love with “Cesario” who is Viola in disguise. This turns into an awkward love triangle that the play centers around.”So thou mayst say, the king lies by a beggar, if a beggar dwell near him; or, the church stands by thy…”
Malvolio Malvolio is the manservant of Olivia and his dream is to marry higher. He has a crush on Olivia and the other characters take advantage of this. He is self-righteous and has an extreme dislike of drinking, singing and fun.Yes, and shall do till the pangs of death shake him: infirmity, that decays the wise, doth ever make the…
Sir Toby Sir Toby is Olivia’s drunken uncle who Olivia let’s live with her, but she completely disapproves of his drinking, rude behavior and late-night carousing. Although un-probable he makes a good friend of Maria and together they take down Malvolio.”You mistake, knight; ‘accost’ is front her, board her, woo her, assail her.”
Sebastian Sebastian is Viola’s twin brother and stays hidden for most of the play until the very end until he is revealed as a boy and trades places with Viola.”What relish is in this? how runs the stream? Or I am mad, or else this is a dream:…”
Cesario Cesario is the disguised version of Viola. It is the name she chooses to use while she is taking the persona of a man. Cesario is the love interest of Olivia. “‘Tis beauty truly blent, whose red and white Nature’s own sweet and cunning hand laid on:…”
Duke Orsino Duke Orsino is the main love interest of Viola/Cesario and has a major crush for Olivia. He is a powerful noblemen in the country of Illyria. Orsino complains a lot to Cesario about his love sickness for Olivia when he is instead in love with the idea of love.”Thou dost speak masterly: My life upon’t, young though thou art, thine eye Hath stay’d upon some favour that it loves: Hath it not, boy?”
Curio & Valentine Curio and Valentine are also knights in training in the court of Duke Orsino and are considered his friends as well. “So please my lord, I might not be admitted; But from her handmaid do return this answer:…”
Fabian Fabian is a minor character who is a friend of Sir Toby’s and is majorly there to tell cues for the other’s comedic onslaught.”I would exult, man: you know, he brought me out o’ favour with my lady about a bear-baiting here.”
Sir Andrew Sir Andrew is Sir Toby’s lesser intelligent drinking buddy who never gets his jokes and is apparently an excellent dancer. He is a womanizer and at one point Sir Toby tried to marry off Olivia to Sir Andrew.”An you part so, mistress, I would I might never draw sword again. Fair lady, do you think you have…”
Olivia Olivia is a young, beautiful, noble Illyrian lady who is courted by Duke Orsino. Due to the death of her brother, she has sworn to not marry for 7 years and has rejected Orsino and Sir Andrew with their attempts at perusal. She is similar to Orsino in the fact that she enjoys wallowing in her own misery but it ends at about that point. “I do I know not what, and fear to find Mine eye too great a flatterer for my mind….”
Antonio Antonio is the man who finds and rescues Sebastian and throughout the plot is quite taken with him and this could possibly be viewed as a romantic manner. He shows this with a deep love, and furnishes Sebastian with money and accompanying him to Illyria. His love never bears fruit however.”I could not stay behind you: my desire, More sharp than filed steel, did spur me forth;…”
Captain The Captain is the person who saves Viola in the beginning and agrees to help her cross dress and not tell anyone of it. In the end he has no qualms with assisting her into this position.”Be you his eunuch, and your mute I’ll be:When my tongue blabs, then let mine eyes not see.”