Summary of Literary Texts: Othello, Murder in the Cathedral and Moby Dick Study Tool

In Othello, who is the rivalry between? Roderigo and Lago
In Othello, who is Roderigo passionate about? Lady Desdemona
What is the generals name in Othello? Brabanzio
Who wrote Othello? William Shakespeare
When was Shakespeare born? 1564
What was Shakespeare given ownership of? The Globe Theatre
Where was Othello set between? The Venetian and Turkish War
What kind of genre was Othello? Tragedy
What was Thomas Becket before being archbishop? A chancellor
What happened to Thomas Becket? He was murdered
Who wrote Murder in the Cathedral? T.S. Eliot
What was T.S. Eliot a member of? The Anglican Church
Was Murder in the Cathedral known as one of Eliot’s best plays? True or False? True
What genre was Murder in the Cathedral? Tragedy
Who was the main human character in Moby Dick? Ishmael
Had Ishmael sailed before? Yes
What was Ishmael’s friends name? Queequeg
What was Moby Dick? A great-white whale
What was the Captain of the ship’s name? Ahab
Why did Ahab want to kill Moby Dick? He took his leg
Who wrote Moby Dick? Herman Melville
Was Herman Melville a sailor? True or False? True
How old was Melville when he went on his first whaling voyage? 21
What was Moby Dick’s genre? Epic
What did the Pequod symbolize? Doom