Study Guide for Hamlet

Does Gertrude ever see the ghost? No.
Name of the dead court jester. Yorick
How does Claudius kill the King? He puts poison in his ear when he is sleeping.
Where is the ghost “living?” He is condemned to wondering the earth.
Fortinbras’ land. Norway
Setting for castle in Denmark. Elisnore is the name of the castle.
Who should “get thee to a nunnery”? Ophelia
Who says “get thee to a nunnery”? Hamlet
Who is compared to Jephthah? Polonius
Who becomes King at the end of the play? Fortinbras
What does the ghost tell Hamlet in regards to Gertrude? To leave Gertrude alone.
Where does Claudius send Hamlet? England
Why does Claudius send Hamlet there? To have him killed.
What does Hamlet do once he reads the letters commanding his death? He readdresses the king’s statements to killing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.
Who provides comic relief in the play? Polonius and the grave diggers
In his first soliloquy, how does Hamlet view the world? Generally filled with evil.
Who is the only one in the play to still wear mourning clothes? Hamlet
Why does Laertes agree to duel Hamlet? He wants grief-driven revenge.
Who names Hamlet heir to the throne? Claudius
Who feels “the readiness is all”? Hamlet
Who is Gonzago? The character in the play that gets killed.
Who delivers (is supposed to deliver) the letters to England? R & G
What instrument kills the queen? The king? Laertes? Hamlet? Polonius? Queen- poisoned cup of wine. The king-poisoned wine and the sword. Laertes- poisoned rapier Polonius- Hamlet’s sword. Hamlet gets killed by the poisoned rapier.
How does the sentry know the ghost is the dead king? He is dressed in the king’s armor.
What is the name of the play in the play? Murder of Gonzago
What does Laertes ask Ophelia before he leaves for France? To be careful around Hamlet.
What does Polonius ask of Reynaldo? To spy on Laertes and badmouth him.
Why does the king summon R & G? To spy on Hamlet.
What temporary settles the conflict with Norway? The king of Norway tells Fortinbras to stop.
Who is to be punished by heaven for haste? Gertrude
Who is the busybody of the play? Polonius
Why do Marcellus and Bernado summon Horatio? They saw a ghost.
How doe Claudius advise Hamlet in regards to his recent loss? He tells him to get over it.
Why does Polonius ask Ophelia to keep away from Hamlet? He thinks Hamlet is using her.
Why does Hamlet marvel at the visiting actors? Because they can express emotion so deeply and it isn’t real.
Why does hamlet despise himself? Because he is slow to act.
When Hamlet is pressed for information for G, Hamlet says G cannot play him like what? A pipe (flute)
How does Hamlet view himself compared to Fortinbras? Hamlet sees himself as lesser than Fortinbras.
Why does Hamlet leave the ship? To escape the pirates.
What happens to R & G? They are beheaded.
Though Hamlet has misgivings about dueling with Laertes, he decides to. Why? Because “the readiness is all”.