Shakespeare twelfth night acts worksheet

Olivia Admits she sent the ring to Cesario
Viola Realizes that Antonio has mistaken her for Sebastian
Antonio Saves viola from fighting a duel with sir Andrew
Feste Assumes the disguise of a priest
Duke Orsino Proposes to viola at end of the play
Sebastian Marries Olivia
Sir Toby Arranges a duel between Sir Andrew and Cesario
Malvlio Puts on yellow stockings and crossed garters
Elephant inn Where Sebastian and Antonio agree to meet
Sir Andrew Is wounded in a duel
Sir toby “come, we’ll have him a dark room, and bound. My niece is already in the belief that he’s mad; we may carry it thus, for our pleasure and his penance…”
Sebastian “what relish is in this? how runs the stream? or am i mad, or else this is a dream. let fancy still my sense in lethe steep; if it be thus to dream, still let me sleep.”
Fabian “if it were played upon a stage now, i condemn its an improbable fiction”.
Olivia “thou shalt be both plaintiff and the judge of thine own cause.”
Viola “god pray defend me! a little thing would make me tell them how much i lack of a man.”
Sir Andrew “he has broke my head across, and has given sir toby a bloody coxcomb too.”
Malvlio “i say this house is as dark as, thou ignorance were as dark as hell: and i say was never man thus abused.”
feste “madman, thou errest. I say there is no darkness but ignorance, in which thou art more puzzled then Egyptians in there fog.”
Antonio “how have you made division of yourself? an apple cleft in two is more twin than these to creatures. which is sebastian?”
Duke Orsino “here comes the countess; now heaven walks on earth.”
Olivia pleads for cesarios love. What does Olivia plead for in her second meeting with cesario?
Antonio and Sebastian agree to meet at elephant inn. Antonio hides there while sebastian goes sight seeing. because he wants to hide from his enemy what plans do Antonio and sebastian make upon entering illyria?
he is being rude to other servants and is wearing yellow stockings cross-gartered why does Olivia believe malvlio is mad?
feste finds sebastian who does feste find when looking for cesario
She proposes marriage thinking that he is cesario and they get married describe what happens between sebastian and Olivia
pen, ink, paper, and a light so he could write a letter to Olivia to tell her that he is not mad what does malvolio tell feste to bring him?
Olivia thinks that cesario is her new husband “Sebastian” who does Olivia believe cesario to be?
Antonio, sir Andrew, and Olivia name at least three characters who see cesario and believe that he is sebastian
father named sebastian, from messaline, mole over brow, died when she was 13, sea captain has her women’s clothing how does viola prove that she is his sister?
sir toby and maria, sebastian and Olivia, orsino and viola are engaged who is married at the end of the play? who is plans to be married?