Shakespeare // Othello Test Review – Othello Short Answers

At the beginning of the play, who does Iago work with to wake up Brabantio? Roderigo
What does Brabantio do when he finds out what Desdemona has done? he disowns her
Why does Roderigo trust Iago? he gives Roderigo false hope in getting Desdemona
Why did Othello marry Desdemona? he loved her
Where do the newlyweds move? Cyprus
Othello puts Iago in charge of who? Desdemona
Who does Iago use as a pawn to destroy Othello’s marriage? Cassio
What does Othello do to Cassio when he suspects his indiscretions? he spies on him and tells Iago to kill him
Who tries to get Cassio his job back? Desdemona
What does Emilia give to Iago? handkerchief
Why is the handkerchief so important to Othello? it was a gift he gave to Desdemona
What job does Iago get in act III? lieutenant
How does Bianca feel about Cassio? she’s in love with him
What does Othello do that makes people doubt his sanity? he kills Desdemona
Who tells Othello that his wife is being faithful to him? Emilia
How does Desdemona die? she is suffocated by Othello
What does Lodovico find in Roderigo’s pocket? two notes
How does Othello die? he stabs himself
How does Iago die? he goes to prison and dies