Shakespeare; Midsummer Nights Dream

What was the theme of the play? The course of true love never did run smooth
What was the setting? Athens
What were some allusions made during the play? Greek Mythology, Pyramus and Thisbe
What was Titania and Oberon fight about? Power and Control, the Indian boy and Oberon’s cheating was just things they used to get at each other.
Why is it ironic that Nick Bottom is turned into an ass? His last name is bottom and he has the personality of an ass.
Who is taller, Hermia or Helena? Helena
Why is Helena mad for the second half of the play? Helena thinks that Demetrius, Lysander and Hermia are making fun of her.
What were Theseus, Hippolyta and Eugeus doing when they came across the four lovers asleep in the woods? They were on a fox hunt.
Describe the conflict that is introduced in Act I of the play. Hermia is to be married off to demetrius, who is in love with her, but also a known cheater. Hermia doesn’t like him, and wants to marry lysander, who loves her as well, but her father refuses and tells Hermia that she must marry Demetrius, be killed, or be sent to a nunnery. On top of that, Helena, Hermia’s friend, is in love with Demetrius, who doesn’t love her and has told her so many times before.
What arguments does Lysander use to claim his right to court (date) Hermia? Use specific lines from the play to support your answer. To claim his right to date Hermia, Lysander says, “I am, my lord, of as good a family as he. I’m as rich. I’m more in love than he is. In every way, my prospects are equal to, if not better than, those of Demetrius.” Lysander is basically saying that he is just as good as Demetrius, only he loves Hermia more than Demetrius, and therefore is more qualified to date her.
What are the differences between Hermia and Helena? Use specific lines from the play to support your answer. Hermia and Helena are different, because all of the boys like hermia naturally, whereas Helena is always having to chase the boys instead of having them chase her. For example, Helena says to Demetrius, “I love you all the more for saying that. I’m your spaniel. Spurn me. Strike me. Neglect me. Lose me. Just allow me, unworthy as I am, to follow you.” As this time Demetrius has just told Helena how he doesn’t love her and he is going to find hermia, and Helena is begging to be with him, making herself look desperate, while hermia is being pursued by two men at once.
What are the craftsmen discussing in scene ii? In scene ii, the craftsman are discussing the play that they are going to put on for theseus and hippolyta, “Pyramus and Thisbe”.
How does the introduction of the craftsmen change the tone of the play; does it become more or less serious? Support your answer with textual evidence. The introduction of the craftsmen change the tone of the play to less serious. This is because there is humor in their lines, especially when nick bottom is talking to Quince. Peter quince is really annoyed with Bottom, but Bottom is too self absorbed to notice. For example, “Bottom: “A perfect yellow beard like a french gold crown. Quince: “Some french crowns have lost all their hair- so you’d have to play it clean-shaven.””
What are some of the magical elements introduced in Act II, scene i? At beginning of Act II, magical fairies are introduced, as well as their ability to cast spells, and shape shift. Cupid exists and the flower holds a love potion.
Who is Puck? What type of character is he? Puck is Oberon, the fairy king’s, right hand man, and a fairy as well. Puck is also an antagonist, who causes most of the mischief in the story. For example, Puck gives the wrong person the love potion, causing the main issue in the plot. Also, Puck changes Nick Bottom’s head into an ass, and give Titania the love potion, causing her to fall in love with an ass.
What conflict exists between Titania and Oberon? What is the tone of their disagreement? The conflict between Titania and Oberon is the life on an Indian Boy. Oberon wants to have im in his fairy army, while Titania wants the boy to be raised as her son. During their fight, they just insult each other and point out everything the other has done wrong, causing the disagreement to be disdainful.
What is Oberon’s plan for forcing Titania to obey his command? Oberon is going to give Titania a love potion, so that she falls in love with the first thing she sees when she wakes up. Then, she will be so in love that she will agree to anything and give Oberon the boy. Then he will lift the spell once he successfully had recruited the boy.
Describe Puck’s big mistake in Act II scene ii. How does this change some of the lovers’ views? In Act II scene ii Puck accidentally gives Lysander the love potion, instead of Demetrius. Demetrius was supposed to fall in love with Helena so that Lysander and Hermia could live happily, and Demetrius could marry Helena, who loves him more than anything in the world. But instead, Lysander falls in love with Helena, leaving Hermia alone in the woods to follow Helena, who loves demetrius.
What does the use of magic to find love say about love in general? (think theme) The use of magic to find love says that love is not real, just like magic is not real. On top of that, if there is true love, something will always get in the way and it will never last. Therefore, love is not worth all the effort.
Into what is Bottom transformed? Why does this seem fitting for his character? Bottom is transformed into an ass. This seems fitting for his character because he has been acting like an “ass” so far this whole play.
How does Bottom react to Titania’s professed love for him? Bottom agrees with Titania, and believes that she should be in love with her. Nick Bottom is not surprised with the fact that she “Loves” him and thinks the he deserves her love.
How do Puck and Oberon react when they learn that Puck has mistaken the identities of the young lovers? Oberon is furious when he finds out that puck has made a mistake while bewitching the young lovers. He immediately orders Puck to go right the wrongs and puck obeys happily, not wanting to enrage his king.
What makes the scene where all the lovers confront each other comical rather than tragic? The scene where all the lovers confront each other is more comical than tragic, because the whole time Helena thinks that Lysander and Demetrius are playing a cruel joke on her, making it hard for the viewers to take the scene seriously.
How does Puck get everyone to settle down so he can “fix” what he has done? Puck tires all of the lovers out so that they fall asleep in the woods, than he reverses his magic and makes them all feel as they once did. Later, Titania’s fairies come and put the lovers into an even deeper sleep, so that they think all of the past events were a dream.
How is all the confusion between all the four young lovers resolved? All the confusion between the lovers is resolved when Puck reverses his mistake and makes sure that lysander is in love with Hermia again. But, he makes sure that Demetrius is still in love with Helena so that everybody is happy. Then, Theseus allows the lovers to marry the one they love, instead of obeying the wrath of Eugeus.(Puck changes his voice)
How is Oberon and Titania’s dispute settled? Oberon takes of spell off of Titania and has her fall in love with him again, she has forgotten about the Indian boy and Oberon had recruited him. Also, they do a great fairy dance.
How is the problem that Egeus had with Lysander in Act I resolved? How does this highlight or explain the role of Theseus? Theseus overrules Egeus and makes his opinion inadequate. This shows just how powerful Theseus is, because he is above the law.
What does Bottom believe happened to him in the forest in this Act? Bottom believes that he fell asleep and it was all a dream. He thinks that he is insane for believing what he dreamed.
How does the character known as Philostrate feel about the play the commoners will perform? Philostrate thinks that the commoners are terrible actors and will perform “Pyramus and Thisbe” terribly.
What are some of the problems the commoners face in performing the play? What tone does this lend to the play overall? Support your answer with textual evidence. Nick Bottom stops many times to talk to the audience, getting out of character and ruining the play. Also, the play is poorly performed, giving it a comical tone. Lack of props.
Speculate on the purpose of this play within a play. Although it may seem like nonsense, Pyramus and Thisbe actually serves a thematic purpose in the whole play. What is it? Pyramus and Thisbe add to the plot because it follows a similar path as the lovers, only Pyramus and Thisbe die in the end, while there is a Happy ending for Hermia, Helena and their lovers. Supports the theme, the course of true love never did run smooth.
In your own words, summarize what Puck tells us in his final speech. In his final speech Puck blesses the relationships of all the couples, as well as the homes in which they reside.
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream has a dreamlike quality in in terms of its characters and its setting, which is befitting to a play of this name.” Explain and illustrate your answer. They all are optimal characters, and end up getting exactly what they want, like a dream. Also, the setting is mysterious and elusive, as a dream can be like that as well. Far fetched, and magical.