Macbeth ( Act 4)

What is it time for? Macbeth to hear more prophecies
The witches throw all kinds of incredible disgusting ingredients into the cauldron to increase the potion’s evil powers. What effect do these lines have on you? They are very creepy and make you uncomfortable.
“Have now, you secret, black, and midnight hags! What is it you do?” What does this greeting imply about Macbeth? That he has changed drastically since they were last together
What should a leader’s first consideration be? What is best for his nation
What is the first of the witches’ messages? To beware Macduff
What does the second apparation predict? That no man shall touch Macbeth
How does Macbeth react to the second prediction? He gets over confident and stops being scared of the first prediction
What precaution will Macbeth take?
What is the third prophecy? Macbeth will never be defeated until Birnam Wood marches to fight you at Dunsinane Hill.
Why is Macbeth pleased with the third prophecy? He thinks that it will never come true. He believes that this means he will be king his entire life and then this will happen at the end.
What does Macbeth learn from the appearance of the kings and Banquo? That even though Banquo is dead, his descendants will continue to be kings for MANY generations.
What should he learn from these prophecies, but apparently doesn’t? To fear for his life in the future.
What does Macbeth’s decision about attacking Macduff’s castle tell us about his continuing moral decline? That more of the man he used to be is slipping away by the minute and he is becoming a monster.
In what way are these murderers worse than those he has already committed. He will be killing innocent people for nothing.
What argument does Lady Macduff make against her husband’s flight? That she is sad about him leaving
What is the temper of Scotland and its people? The “poor country” is full of pain. No one is happy, they are all miserable
Why might Shakespeare have included the scene between little Macduff and his mother? To show how innocent Macduff’s family is.
Of what significance is the discussion of traitors beyond showing us how clever and bright the young Macduff is? To show us how people view Macduff
What can we judge of Lady Macduff’s character? Compare he to Lady Macbeth. She is nice and protective of her family, but, unlike Lady Macbeth, I don’t think that she would kill for her family
What concern does Malcolm voice about Macduff? He doesn’t know if he can trust him.
Why does the fact that Macduff left his family unprotected in Scotland give Malcolm doubts? It gives him doubts about trusting him as well.
Why does Malcolm pretend to have all of Macbeth’s bad characteristics and more? To test Macduff
What convinces Malcolm that Macduff is trustworthy? Macduff made it clear that he would never support an evil king.
What is Malcolm’s good news for Macduff and all of Scotland? People are coming up to go against Macbeth
Why is Ross reluctant to share the news of Macduff’s family? He didn’t want to bring Macduff the bad news.
Who does Macduff blame? Why? Himself
How does Malcolm encourage Macduff to deal with his grief? Like a man. He needs to bottle up that anger and save it for Macbeth.
Based on his reaction to the vicious murder of his wife and son, how would you describe Macduff’s character? He cared a lot about his family and would have done anything to protect them