Sequence of Events in Macbeth

Act 1 Scene 1 Three witches plan to meet Macbeth near a battlefield in Scotland.
Act 1 Scene 2 Duncan King of Scotland, hears good reports about his noblemen-Macbeth and Banquo- in a recent battle.
Act 1 Scene 3 Three witches meet Macbeth and Banquo and make predictions about each of their futures. Ross and Angus arrive from the king to confirm the first of the predictions, that Macbeth is the new Thane of Cawdor. Macbeth contemplates what he should do to make the other predictions come true.
Act 1 Scene 4 Macbeth, Banquo, Angus, and Ross join Duncan who names his son, Malcolm, his successor to the throne and states that he will be visiting Macbeth’s Home/Castle, soon.
Act 1 Scene 5 Macbeth’s wife (Lady Macbeth) receives a letter from her husband describing his meeting with the witches and their predictions. He also says the king is coming to visit.
Act 1 Scene 6 Lady Macbeth welcomes the King Duncan to the Castle.
Act 1 Scene 7 Macbeth consider all the reasons he should not kill the king. Lady Macbeth mocks him and offers a plan for killing the king, which Macbeth accepts.
Act 2 Scene 1 Banquo’s dreams are disturbed by the prophecy. Macbeth pretends all is well.
Act 2 Scene 2 Macbeth returns to Lady Macbeth in their bedroom, bloody daggers in hand, after he has killed the king. He is horrified at his own actions.
Act 2 Scene 3 A drunken porter (gatekeeper) answers knocking at Macbeth’s castle door and admits Lennox and Macduff.
Act 2 Scene 4 Macduff tells Ross that Malcolm and Donalbain have been accused of murdering Duncan, and that Macbeth has been chosen to be king.
Act 3 Scene 1 Banquo suspects Macbeth killed Duncan, but doesn’t tell Macbeth.
Act 3 Scene 2 Macbeth and Lady Macbeth reveal they both are having nightmares.
Act 1 scene 2 Duncan orders the death of the current, rebellious Thane of Cawdor and orders the title of Thane of Cawdor to be given to Macbeth.
Act 1 Scene 4 Macbeth views Malcolm as an obstacle in Macbeth’s Path.
Act 1 Scene 5 Lady Macbeth call on spirits to fill her with cruelty so that she can be the strength Macbeth needs to kill the king.
Act 1 Scene 5 She assures Macbeth that she will take care of all the preparations for duncan’s visit.
Act 1 Scene 7 Lady Macbeth mocks Macbeth and offers a plan for killing the king, which Macbeth accepts.
Act 2 Scene 1 When Banquo leaves him, Macbeth hears the bell his wife rings to indicate all is ready for murder.
Act 2 Scene 1 Macbeth imagines a bloody dagger leading him to Duncan’s bedroom.
Act 2 Scene 2 Lady Macbeth returns the daggers to the murder scene and urges Macbeth to wash his hands and recover his wits.
Act 2 Scene 3 When Macduff goes talk to the king, he finds him dead and rouses Macbeth.
Act 2 Scene 3 Macbeth kills the guards, who appear to be guilty of the murder.
Act 2 Scene 3 Duncan’s sons, Malcolm and Donalbain flee to safety in England and Ireland, to avoid being murdered or accused of murder.
Act 2 Scene 4 Ross leaves for Macbeth’s coronation; Macduff stays home at his castle in Fife.
Act 3 Scene 1 Macbeth arranges for two men to kill Banquo while Banquo is on a ride with his son. Macbeth persuades the murders that Banquo has hurt them and must die.
Act 3 Scene 2 Macbeth admits to being afraid of Banquo. He does not tell Lady Macbeth about his plan.
Act 3 Scene 3 The third murderer meets with the first two murderers.
Act 3 Scene 3 Banquo is killed.
Act 3 Scene 3 Fleance escapes.
Act 3 Scene 4 Banquet scene
Act 3 Scene 4 Macbeth is told Fleance escaped.
Act 3 Scene 4 Macbeth sees the ghost of Banquo.
Act 3 Scene 4 Lady Macbeth reveals Macbeth told her about the dagger he hallucinated.
Act 3 Scene 6 Lennox reveals that people are suspicious of Macbeth because Duncan died and his sons ran away and then Banquo died and his son ran away.