Othello quotes, who said

Iago I am not what I am
Iago Even now, now, very now, an old black ram is tupping your white ewe arise, arise, awake the snorting citizens with the bell or else the devil will make a grandsire of you arise I say
Othello She loved me for the dangers I had passed and I loved her that she did pity them this only is the witchcraft I have used
Desdemona My noble father I do perceive here a divided duty to you I am bound for life and education my life and education both do learn me how to respect you you are the Lord of my duty I am hitherto your daughter but here’s my husband in so much duty as my mother showed to you preferring you before her father so much I challenge that I may profess due to the moor my Lord
Duke To mourn a mixture of that is past and gone is the next way to draw new mischief on
The duke of Venice Your son-in-law is far more fair than black
Brabantio Your son-in-law is far more fair than black
Othello Look to her moor and thou hast Eyes to see she has deceived her father and made the my life upon her faith
Iago I hate the moor and it is thought a broad that twixt my sheets has done my office I know not iff’t be true but I for mirror suspicion in that kind will do as if for surety
Cassio I hate very poor and unhappy brains for drinking
Othello Cassio, I love thee, but never more be an officer of mine
Iago Cassio What are you Hurt Lieutenant? Ay passed all surgery
Michael Cassio Reputation reputation reputation oh I have lost my reputation I have lost the immortal part of myself in what remains is bestial
Iago Good name in man and woman dear my Lord is the immediate jewel of their souls who steals my purse steals trash ’tis something nothing twas mine ’tis his and has been slave to thousands but he that fliches from me my good name robs me of that which not in riches him and makes me poor indeed
Iago Oh beware my lord of jealousy it is the green eyed monster with doth mock that meat it feeds on
Iago Trifles light as air Are to the jealous confirmation strong as approves of holy writ
Desdemona I understand a fury and your words but not the words
Emilia Who would not make her husband a cuckold to make him a monarch
Iago It makes us or it Mars us