S1 – 6.01 Checkpoint: Twelfth Night, Act 3

Scene 1, Lines 46-50.FOOL: Now Jove, in his next commodity of hair, send thee a beard!VIOLA: By my troth I’ll tell thee, I am almost sick for one, [aside] though I would not have it grow on my chin.-Is thy lady within?In this exchange, what does Viola mean by her aside comment? She wants to get married.
In the lines above, when referring to a “beard,” what figure of speech does Viola use? Synecdoche
Scene 1, Line 104.Viola tells Olivia, “Your servant’s servant is your servant, madam.” What does she mean? Since I serve Orsino, and he serves you, I’m therefore your servant, too.
Scene 1, line 149.Olivia tells Cesario, “I would you were as I would have you be.” How would Olivia have Cesario be? Older and Richer
Scene 1, Lines 154-156. In an aside, Olivia laments that “A murd’rous guilt shows not itself more soon / Than love that would seem hid. Love’s night is noon.—” By this she means: her love for Cesario is impossible to hide.
Scene 1, Lines 154-156. To clarify the exact meaning of Olivia’s phrase “Love’s night is noon,” the best replacements for “night” and “noon” are: secret and obvious
Scene 1, Lines 154-156. Why is the middle vowel omitted from the spelling of “murd’rous”? to make it two syllables rather than three
At the end of scene 3, why do Antonio and Sebastian split up for an hour? Sebastian wants to go sightseeing, but Antonio doesn’t
Scene 4, lines 211-213. Near the end of their meeting, Olivia tells Viola that “There’s something in me that reproves my fault, / But such a headstrong potent fault it is / That it but mocks reproof.” What might Olivia mean by “something”? Conscience
In scene 2, what does Toby convince Andrew to do? Write a letter to Cesario