Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary Cloud

Predominant -(Adverb)​ -mainly; for the most part.​-I play multiple sports but I predominantly play tennis​-“And where the worser is predominant,”(II.iii.29). Friar Lawrence ​-The word predominant has the word dominant in it meaning most important or powerful.​
Intercession -noun-The act of intervening and the action of saying a prayer on behalf of another person.​-The woman’s intercession at the party offended many people.​-“My intercession likewise steads my foe.”(II.iii.54). Romeo ​-Intervene and intercession are synonyms and they have the same prefix​
Sallow​ -adj.-Looking sickly, an unhealthy yellow or pale brown color​-Sally told her friends that she wasn’t feeling well at school because they noticed she looked sallow.​-“Hath washed thy sallow cheeks for Rosaline!” (II.iii.70). Friar Lawrence ​-Sallow rhymes with yellow and if you look sallow, you look of an unhealthy yellow or pale brown color.
Lamentable -adj.-full of or expressing sorrow or grief. ​People are usually lamentable when a close family member dies.​-“Why, is not this a lamentable thing, grandsire,” (II.iv.28-29). Mercutio ​-Lamentable has the base word lament which rhymes with cement. Feeling like cement would make you feel heavy or depressed
Unwieldy -adj.-difficult to carry or move because of its size, shape, or weight. ​-Julie was moving to a new house and the boxes that needed to be brought inside were unwieldy.​-“But old folks, many feign as they were dead, Unwieldy, slow, heavy, and pale as lead.” (II.v.16-17). Juliet ​-Wield rhymes with yield and when there is a yield sign it means you should be cautious just like if there is an object that is difficult to carry​
Pernicious -adj.-Having a bad effort, damaging or detrimental.-“That quench the fire of your pernicious rage,” (I. i. 77).-Molly had a pernicious influence on society. -A synonym of pernicious is dangerous. Dangerous and pernicious both have the same sound of -ous at the end of the word.
Adversary -noun-One’s opponent in a contest, conflict, or dispute.-“Here were the servants of your adversary/And yours, close fighting ere I did approach,” (I. i. 99).-He beat his old adversary in the finals of basketball. -Antagonist is a synonym of opponent, opponent is part of the definition of adversary. An antagonist is the opponent of the protagonist.
Augmenting -verb-To make something greater by adding to it; increase.-“With tears augmenting the fresh morning’s dew,” (I. i. 125).-He augmented his allowance by adding chores to his list.-Augment and adding both start with ‘A.’ When you add something you make it bigger, which is the definition of augmenting.
Grievance -noun-A complaint about a wrong that causes resentment.-“I’ll know his grievance or be much denied,” (I. i. 150).-Felicia’s grievance made all of her friends upset.-Grievance has griev(e) in it and normally if someone is grieving something is wrong and a grievance is a complaint about something wrong.
Oppression -noun-Prolonged, cruel, or unjust treatment. -“At thy good heart’s oppression,” (I. i. 178).-The oppression of the student caused controversy among the school.-Prolonged means long. Oppression and depression sound alike and depression can occur for a long time, and both oppression and depression are cruel things.
Transgression -noun-An act that goes against a law, rule, or code of conduct; an offense.-“Why, such is love’s transgression,” (I. i. 179).-Emily’s transgression caused her to be in jail for five years.-In Romeo and Juliet their love is a transgression.
Remnants -noun-Definition: the part of something that is left when the other parts are gone​-Contemporary sentence: After the family moved out of their house there were no remnants that they had previously lived there.​-Exact Line: “Remnants of packthread and old cakes of roses” (V.i.49).​ -said by Romeo​-Tip: remnant and rat both start with the letter “r” and rats eat garbage/ leftovers
Penury -noun-Definition: the state of being very poor ; extreme poverty​-Contemporary sentence: Despite severe penury, Daniella was able to complete school and get a job in Colombia. ​-Exact Line: “Nothing this penury, to myself I said” (V.i.51).​ -said by Romeo​-Tip: penury and poor both start with the letter “p” and poor is part of the definition
Disperse -verb-Definition: to go or move in different directions; to spread apart​-Contemporary sentence: I tried to disperse the chocolate chips throughout the cookie batter so everyone would have chips in their cookie. ​-Exact Line: “As will disperse itself through all the veins” (V.i.63).​ -said by Romeo​-Tip: Triple D​ 1. Disperse (means)​ 2. Different​ 3. Directions
Haughty -adj.-Definition: arrogantly superior and distasteful ​-Contemporary sentence: A host who is usually haughty will have few people returning to their parties.​-Exact Line: “This is that banished haughty Montague”(V.iii.49)​ -said by Paris​-Tip: Haughty and high both start with “h” and high can mean you have superiority
Ambiguities -noun-Definition: uncertainty or inexactness of meaning in language​-Contemporary sentence: He has very few ambiguities in his grammar.​-Exact Line: “Till we can clear these ambiguities”(V.iii.217)​ -said by Romeo​-Tip: the ending of ambiguities sounds like tease and you tease people when they don’t know what they’re talking about​
Scourge -noun-Definition: a person or thing that causes great pain ​-Contemporary sentence: The scourge of mass unemployment can cause a country to crumble. ​-Exact Line: “See what a scourge is laid upon your hate”(V.iii.292)​ -said by Prince​-Tip: Scourge and gorge both sound alike and if you fall in a gorge it hurts​
Gallant -Adjective -Brave and noble-Logan made an gallant effort to save his math grade before the end of the quarter.-“That gallant spirit hath aspired the clouds” (III. i. 113).-Gallant and valiant both end with -ant and both mean brave.
Martial -Adjective -Military, warlike-The fight between the two rival teams was marital.-“And with a marital scorn, with one hand beats cold death aside and with other sends it back to Tybalt” (III. i. 157-159).-Military and martial both start with a “M”.
fray -Noun-Noisy fight-Jimmy got a black eye during the fray.-“Benvolio, who began this bloody fray?” (III. i. 148).-Inside of the word, afraid is part of the, fray. You can become afraid during noisy fights.
Fickle -Adjective-Changeable -The fickle weather made me change from shorts to sweatpants.-“O fortune, fortune! All men call thee fickle” (III. v. 59).-Fickle and fluctuate both start with “F” and are synonyms.
exile -Verb-Banishment -After twenty years in exile, the man finally got to return home.-“Immediately we do exile him hence” (III. i. 183).-Exile and exit both sound the same because of the -exi beginning.
Pensive -adj. -Engaged in, involving, or reflecting deep or serious thought.-“My leisure serves me, pensive daughter, now” (IV. i. 40).-Bob was in a very pensive mood while taking his test. -To remember pensive think of the Spanish verb pensar. Pensar means to think and to think is part of the definition of pensive.
Wayward -adj.-Difficult to control or predict because of unusual or perverse behavior.-“My heart is a wondrous light/Since the same wayward girl is so reclaimed” (IV. ii. 44-45).-The wayward youth was punished for his bad behavior.-To remember wayward think about something being “way” out of bounds or wrong.
Dismal -adj.-Causing gloom or dejection; gloomy; dreary; cheerless; melancholy.-“My dismal scene I needs must act alone”(IV, iii, 19).-The dismal weather made her stay inside. -Dismal has a “d”, and so does depressing and dismal means depressing.
Loathsome -adj.-Causing feelings of disgust; revolting; repulsive.-“So early waking, what with loathsome smells” (IV, iii, 46).-The smell was so loathsome, she had to leave the room.-Loaf sounds like loathsome and when a loaf of bread is expired, it will taste disgusting, which is the definition of loathsome.
Vial -noun-a small container, as of glass, for holding liquid.-“Take thou this vial, being then in bed” (IV, i, 94).-She was sad when she dropped her favorite vial of perfume.-Vial rhymes with revival and you can have a container, or vial of water to revive yourself if you’re dehydrated.