Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary Act II

Intercession Someone’s act of pleading on another’s behalfn.Thanks to the intercession of the girl, her boyfriend was not found guilty of not doing his homework.
Predominant Having an influence of domination over othersadj.Sara’s love had predominant power over any other thing in her mind.
Procure To obtain somethingv.During the boy’s long journey, he wished to procure the one thing he longed for the most.
Lamentable Sad; consisting of distressadj.The girls lamentable feelings made her feel as though her existence did not matter.
Sallow A sickly look; a pale-yellowish hueadj. The boy was extremely sick, therefore he had a sallow look about him.
Unwieldly Clumsy or awkwardadj.Due to his love for the girl, the young teenage boy behaved extremely unwieldy around her.
Fair Very beautiful; flawlessadj.The princess was very fair in the prince’s eyes.
Complain An address of somethingv.When the boy met the girl at the dance, he was unable to complain his words of love to her.
Center The heart or soul of someonen.The girl stared blankly at the boy as he examined her center, by the confession of his love for her.
Conjure Make something appearv.Due to the boy’s Sorcery skills, he was able to conjure a potion to make his one true love fall in love with him.
Consorted Associated with someone or somethingn.Due to the boy’s talents, he was consorted with the superiors of the government.
Chide Expression of disapproval; scoldv.The mother could not help but chide her children because of their constant oblivious behavior.
Dote To bestow feelings of fondness or excessive love for someone or somethingv.The girl’s father could not help but dote over her many accomplishments.
Rancor Bitter, hate or feeling of malicen.The old man felt rancor feelings toward the children for throwing eggs at his house.