Macbeth review

Where is act 5 set? Dunsinane
The witches open the play, what is the mood of that scene? Spooky, mystery
Why does Macbeth envy Malcolm? He is heir to the throne
At the beginning of the play, Scotland is at war with which country? Norwag
What kind of King is Macbeth? Tyranny, dictator
What explanation does lady Macbeth give for macbeths behavior at the banquet? She blames it on a childhood illness
Why does Macbeth feel he should not murder the king? Duncan is a good king, a relative, he’s scared of eternal damnation & being caught
In what country is Macbeth set? Scotland
Who speaks the last lines of the play? Malcolm
Who sees the witches with Macbeth the first time? Banquo
In act 1, after a successful battle, how is Macbeth treated? Praised & treated highly. Very respdcted
What weakness of macbeths worries lady Macbeth? Too weak & kind
Who finds Duncan’s body? Macduff
Who do the three apparitions look like? An armed head, a bloody child, and a child crowned with a tree in his hand
What do the apparitions state? Armed head- be aware of MacduffBloody child-he will never be harmed by anyone born of a woman Child crowned with a tree in his hand-tells Macbeth to take courage, he cannot be defeated unless brinam woods travels the 12-mile distance to dunsinane hill, where his castle is located
Why does Macbeth kill Duncan’s two body guards? Claims it was out of rage and love for the king but kills them so there are no witnesses
What ails lady Macbeth toward the end of the play? Her conscience
What is the purpose of the porter? Comic relief
Early in the play, what is lady Macbeths motive? Wealth, power, to be queen
Which murder(s) is/are the least beneficial to Macbeth? The Macduffs
If he were to murder Duncan, what is Macbeth afraid of? The consequences
What part do the witches play in macbeths first plans? They’re instigators
What is the name of banquos son? Is he assassinated with his father? Fleance; no, he escapes
The former thane of cawdor was what? A traitor
Does banquos son become king after macbeths death? No. Malcolm does
Malcolm invades from which country? England
Who kills Macbeth? Macduff
Who tells fleance to run for his life? Banquo
Who murders Duncan? Macbeth
In lying about his virtues, Malcolm tests the loyalty of which character? Macduff
Name Duncan’s sons Donalbain & Malcolm
Are the macbeths simple or complex characters? Complwx
What images are associated with macbeths evil side? Darkness
Why does lady Macbeth say she could not kill the king? He resembled her father as he slept
Who becomes king immediately after macbeth Malcolm
On the march to the castle, what does Malcolm order his men to carry before them? Tree branches to camouflage themselves
Where does banquos ghost appear? Banquet
What drives lady Macbeth to sleepwalk? Guilt
Who plans Duncan’s murder? Does this character carry it out? Lady Macbeth and no, Macbeth does
Is lady Macbeth gentler or more poetic than her husband? No, they are both cold hearted and greedy
In the play, does Banquo remain innocent? Yes
Do the macbeths care about the people of Scotland? No
Who is a man not of woman born? Macduff
Who are Donaldbain and Malcolm? Why are they suspected in Duncan’s murder? They are the sons of Duncan’s. They are suspected of Duncan’s nursed because Donaldbain fled to Ireland and Malcolm fled to England
How does Macbeth meet his death? He’s beheaded
Does Macbeth realize that he is all alone before he dies? Yes
Who talks of the effect of drinking too much? The porter
What is macbeths reaction when he hears of his wife’s death? accepting but wishes he had more time to mourn her
Who is too naive and praises the sweetness of macbeths castle? Duncan
What appears to Macbeth before Duncan’s murder? A floating dagger
What is the eye of the newt? An ingredient in the witches cauldron
When does Macbeth give up hope? When he realizes Macduff is not born of a woman
What does lady Macbeth see on her hands? Blood
After killing Duncan, how does Macbeth treat his subjects? Awful and cruel