ROMEO AND JULIET – Tybalt quotes

hates peace talk of peace? I hate the word as I hate hell, all montagues and thee
aggressive turn thee Benvolio, look upon thy death
expert duelist The very butcher of a silk button
insults Romeo thou art a villain
loyal to family now by the stock and honour of my kin
honest honest gentleman
mocked and admired by Mercutio More than Prince of Cats, courageous captain of compliments
angry fiery Tybalt
told off by Lord Capulet saucy boy
bad temper unruly spleen
Tybalts role he has not redeemed features such as loving or humour, he is the antagonist and the embodiment of hate
writing about tybalt – contrast to Romeo and Benvolio- he speeds up the action – after his death actions speed up (marriage)